Iron Man is an extremely aggressive character in UNO Ultimate.  His focus is making the entire play-group burn cards at once.  His special power relies on danger cards being played by the deck’s pilot.  A wise player will build up danger cards in hand and unleash them turn after turn.  Although Iron Man benefits from playing danger cards, he does not have any special abilities that will take care of attacking enemies.   

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Proton Cannon – When you play a card with a danger symbol, all other players burn 1 card. 


Forcing the entire group to burn cards is Iron Man’s main objective, and it is seen clearly in his powerful wild cards.  Unfortunately, there is not a good synergy between his wild card powers and his own special power. He might not have a good combo between the two, but with the right pacing between danger cards and wild cards, Iron Man is sure to come out on top. 

Power Drain – Other players cannot use their character powers until the start of your next turn. 

Repulsor Blast – In the current order of play, all other players flip a Danger Card and do what it says. 

Reactor Burn – All other players add 1 card. 

Unibeam Barrage – All other players burn 3 cards. 


Matching the flavor of Iron Man’s deck, his enemy forces are all about the burn.  When these baddies spring from the Danger Deck, no one is safe.  Whether swarmed by Hydra’s Agents or under the constant barrage of M.O.D.O.K.’s assault, players will be feeling the pain. 

Hydra Agent – When flipped, all players add 1 card.  While attacking, at the start of your turn, burn 1 card. 

Whiplash – When flipped, burn 1 card.  While attacking, at the start of your turn, add 1 card. 

Madam Masque – When flipped, burn 2 cards.  While attacking, you can only play Number cards. 

M.O.D.O.K. – When flipped, burn a Wild Card from your hand and then add 1 card.  While attacking, whenever you add or draw cards, increase the number you add or draw by 1.   


Rewind Reverse. 

Conspiracy – All players add 2 cards. 

Full Support – All players with more than 1 card in their hand must burn 1 card from their hand. 

Meltdown All players burn 2 cards. 

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