Thor’s character deck is a very aggressive one that focuses on forcing other players to burn cards.  Combining Thor’s special power with wild cards that change the active color will force opponents to burn cards from their hands and decks.  The key to winning with Thor is to hold onto wild cards until the right time and unleash attack after attack to quickly finish off opponents in the later stage of the game. 

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Lightning Charge – When you change the active color, the next player burns 2 cards. 


The Asgardian’s wild cards can really pack a punch when used correctly.  Keep in mind that Thor’s special power is only activated when the active color is changed.  Only the wild card’s effect occurs if a wild card is played but the active color is not changed. 

Thunder Plunder –  Choose a player to skip their next turn. 

Bifrost Blow – Choose a player to burn cards equal to the number of Enemies currently attacking all players. 

Asgard Assault – Choose a player to add 1 card and burn 1 card. 

Mjolnir’s Revenge – Defeat an Enemy attacking you.  The next player must burn 1 card. 


A powerful hero comes with powerful enemies.  The coterie of danger cards that accompany Thor’s deck all have one purpose, to force players to burn cards.  Loki is the exception to this of course.  The trickster is a real nuisance by keeping players from playing reverse cards.  These enemies will need to be dealt with swiftly. 

Malekith – When flipped, the player must burn a number card from their hand and then add 1 card.  While attacking, whenever the player burns cards, they burn 1 additional card. 

Destroyer – When flipped, all players burn 1 card.  While attacking, the player must burn 2 cards at the start of their turn. 

Hela – When flipped, the player burns 1 for each active player in the game.  While attacking, all players burn 1 card. 

Loki –  When flipped, Loki reverses the order of play.  While attacking, the player under attack cannot play Reverse cards. 


Block – The next card played cannot be a wild card. 

Trample – Add 2 cards. 

Overload – All players with Enemies attacking burn 2 cards. 

Shock – Burn 2 cards. 

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