4 Tips On How To Play Games For Free

Do you love playing games and are looking for a way to save money on your hobby? You’re in luck, because there are a few ways to play all kinds of games completely for free. The internet boasts a seemingly endless pool of games for any kind of player – from digitized board and card games to AAA video games – that you can easily access for free (or almost for free). These tips will help you find games to play without having to pay. 

Opt for free-to-play games

Thanks to the free-to-play trend, you can now download and play all kinds of games without having to pay a cent upfront. Many games from any kind of genre make use of this freemium model, so any type of gamer can find a suitable game to play. While there are millions of free-to-play games ready to be downloaded in an instant on your mobile device, you can also play tons of freemium games on your PC and console. All the major storefronts, such as Steam or the PlayStation Store, have a section for free-to-play titles to easily choose from. But beware! These types of games usually offer in-game purchases to generate revenue. That means you can usually buy different types of in-game items, cosmetics, levels, etc. to personalize and expand your gaming experience. These purchases are usually optional, though, so make sure to resist the temptation to buy new outfits, weapons, etc. to keep the game free. 

Play browser-based games

Nowadays, you don’t need a high-tech gaming machine to be able to play a ton of entertaining games. Simply boot up your laptop or smartphone, open your browser, and you’ll immediately have access to a ton of games to play for free. Most browser-based games don’t require you to pay, and they let you jump into game rounds with the click of a button – no download needed! You’ll find all kinds of classics in your browser, from hit strategy games like chess and Catan to card games like poker and even classic game machines. Online platforms even offer thousands of free slots, meaning you can play the traditional casino game without having to wager any money. The arsenal of browser-based games is tremendously wide, no matter if you’re looking for traditional games, casual hits, or even more complex titles – and most of them can be played without having to pay a cent.

Take advantage of game subscriptions

While not completely free, games included in subscription services still offer a way to access a whole plethora of games for a small monthly fee without having to pay for them individually. There are quite a few different kinds of gaming subscriptions available for different platforms, so you can choose the one that matches your playstyle and gaming machine the best. Playing on an Android phone or iPhone? Both the Google Play Pass and Apple Arcade offer a pass to hundreds of games you can play freely on your mobile phone for a small monthly subscription fee. If you’re playing on a console, the PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions offer plans that let you play games without having to buy them. Depending on the tier, you can either access a large library of games freely or get a couple of select games for free each month. 

Check out Netflix Games

Better yet, do you already have a Netflix subscription and want to play on your mobile device? Then you can play a bunch of games at no additional cost. Netflix Games doesn’t just offer a large library of movies and TV shows, the streamer also boasts a ton of mobile games on its service. These are only available to subscribers, who can play them for free without any ads or in-game purchases. The streamer even snatched the rights to the celebrated party card game Exploding Kittens. So if you have a Netflix subscription, you can play it on your phone with your friends for free. 

No matter what type of game you love playing, you’ll find tons of options to play without having to pay for them. Thanks to endless free-to-play and browser games, you have millions of free games readily available with the click of a button, while subscriptions let you access large game libraries for a small monthly fee. From digital board and card games to complex video games, playing games for free has never been easier.

Nakoa Davis