Casino Terms You May Not Be Familiar With

Casinos are places often populated by long-time players and can seem a little intimidating for those who are new to the game. The terms you’re likely to come across depend mostly on the games you choose to play, even regulars may not be across all of the lingo. Here are some of the terms regular players should be across before setting foot in the room of fortune.


Its simplicity has won many fans across the world, but it couldn’t hurt to learn the most common terminology used in the game of slots. In order to play the game well, you will need to understand the pay line, which is the ultimate determinant of success. If the game symbols meet at the pay line, the game is won, a thrill which is known adequately as a “hit”. Of course, a multi-line game offers more opportunities to win and a more exciting, enjoyable experience overall, but players are also statistically more likely to overestimate the number of winning spins. 


Those with a basic understanding of French are at a slight advantage when it comes to this casino classic, since several of the popular betting terms remain in the game’s native tongue. For example, a bet on a group of neighboring numbers is known as Tiers du Cylindre, and a daring bet in the section neighboring zero is called Voisins du Zero. Lacking knowledge of le français won’t necessarily prevent a win, as there are also plenty of English terms like inside bet, which refers to a bet on the inside section of the roulette layout. Such a bet comes with high odds, although not quite as high as the en prison rule, which refers to an allowance for players who roll a zero to either retract their original bet or roll again at the risk of the entire wager. Comme c’est excitant!


Even a seemingly simple game like blackjack, or 21, comes with a range of jargon known mainly to committed players and general knowledge junkies. Being that the goal in this game is simply to get as close to the magic number as possible, going “bust” and overshooting a hand total of 21 is the least desirable outcome. Given the transformative power of the Ace card, those with an Ace are said to have a soft hand, possibly because those without are likely to have a “hard” time winning the round. Things get particularly interesting when a hard hand has the potential to go bust with one more card from the deck, a situation known as a “stiff hand”. Fortunately, you can always “surrender” and reveal your hand before the dealer checks for blackjack, which is perhaps a likely move for those with a weak resolve. If this rings true for you, you might consider learning how to play blackjack with CasinoTopsOnline and easing the pressure in the comfort of home. 


This casino classic is filled with unique terminology, meaning players will likely need more than a sturdy poker face to pull off a win. Terms that will come up early in the game include “board”, which refers to the community cards on the table that complete each player’s hand, and “call”, which means to stay in the game by throwing in the minimum required bet. Interestingly, the term “ante” refers to a small bet prior to the dealing of the first hand, hence the phrase “up the ante”, but the phrase every player wants to hear is “draw out”. In order to draw out, a player must receive a card that turns their losing hand into a winner, and possibly even a straight flush. There are also several different styles of poker, including Texas Hold’em and Omaha, with slight variations on the standard rules, so it’s important to get clear on the type of game. 

Online gambling

Knowing the terms associated with your favorite games is a great start on the path to an illustrious gambling career, but as soon as you decide to take your hobby online, the game changes once again. The internet environment adds an extra layer of risk to your gambling experience, and if you want the best shot at increasing your winnings, you will need to do your own investigation for legitimacy online. The most important term to know is “blacklisted”, meaning a particular provider has been ousted for failing to pay out fairly or comply with standard data protection standards. Steer clear of these sites and instead seek out the mark of a regulatory body or software in your region which is responsible for ensuring a fair game. 

If your goal is to earn yourself a reputation as a high roller, then the right knowledge of casino terminology will quickly become an essential asset in your bag of tricks – after all, a calculated risk is the best kind. By staying up to date with industry trends, especially as new games and versions are released, you can go in with the background to make wise decisions before rolling the dice.