How do live casino variant games like Lightning Roulette, Deal or No Deal or Mega Wheel work?

Live dealer games have been one of the biggest innovations in online casinos of the last decade. By providing live video streams, in high definition, to players they have made online casinos more immersive than ever before. The classic casino games that are offered are relatively simple to understand. Each one follows the rules of the game just as though it was in a brick and mortar casino. From there the software helps players to make their in game decisions and the live dealer then carries them out. On top of this the chat rooms add some extra interaction which helps the titles to retain interest of players in the long term. 

From these games there have been a number of offshoots that take things to the next level. These games are variants of standard casino games and provide a slightly different experience to players. They usually take on a more game show feel, almost putting the player in a TV studio to play the title. There are a lot of top class games on the market that follow this formula, we’ve taken a look at some of the top titles on the market at the moment. Keep reading to discover how they work and how players can enjoy these live dealer variant games.

Lightning Roulette

This is basically a game show version of classic European Roulette. When you load the game up you will be instantly aware of the game show aesthetics that are on show. Even the host is wearing a flashy jacket that looks a little bit cheesy, just like a real game show host. When the game starts you won’t notice too many differences from classic European Roulette at first. You place your bets, with the full range of standard Roulette bets available, and then the wheel is spun. It’s as simple as that. 

Once the wheel lands things start to get truly interesting. When it has finished spinning between 1 and 5 of the numbers on the wheel will be chosen to be hit by lightning. When this happens the number will light up. If you have placed a bet on a single number and it is lit up, then the win will have a multiplier applied to it. This can be set at between 50 and 500, so it can significantly increase the standard of win that’s on offer. Especially when you consider that standard Roulette offers a maximum payout of 35 times your stake. 

Lightning Roulette is a hugely enjoyable, modern take on the classic European Roulette game. If you want to add a little bit of excitement to Roulette then this is the best way to do it. With the added bonus of increased wins available in the game, it’s definitely a title that is well worth checking out. The game show aspect might put off more traditional players, but on the whole, this is a superbly crafted game that provides the chance for big wins and lots of fun.

Deal or No Deal

What is there to be said about this game? It’s exactly what you think it is, a reworked version of the classic game show. The game itself is operated by Evolution Gaming, which is widely regarded as the top live casino game provider on the market. 

The game starts with a software powered game. Players select a range of options based around their stake that will impact on the prizes that are on offer once the main game starts. This involves choosing a wheel to be in position and powering up a briefcase. Once this has all been carried out players will be taken to the live game. 

Here is where the fun really starts. There will be a host in place that will take players through the process of playing the game. It’s just like the TV show all the way through this section and players will choose briefcases and open them. The banker will also make offers at certain points which the player can accept if they want to. Just like in the real life show, the opportunity to get the top prize in the game, which is set at 500 times the player stake, are very low. 

However, one benefit that Deal or No Deal offers to players is that any offer the banker makes will pay out if the player accepts it. So, there is the possibility of getting a guaranteed payout in this game. It is worth remembering that this may be lower than the player’s initial stake though. So while you may walk away with something in return, there is a chance that you will be making a loss by doing so. For anyone who loves Deal or No Deal, this is definitely the game for you. 

Mega Wheel

Mega Wheel is a game show title that’s from Pragmatic Play. It’s extremely similar to Dream Catcher from Evolution Gaming, but it takes things up a few notches. The game starts with a host who will take you through all of the rules and the different stake options that are available to players. The essentials of the game are there are numbers on the wheel and you can place a bet on any combination of those numbers. 

The numbers are between 1 and 40, although not all numbers are included. When you place a bet on a number you will get back your stake multiplied by that number. So if you placed a bet on 40 you would get 40 times your stake back. What makes Mega Wheel so interesting is that before each spin, a multiplier is applied to some of the numbers. So, if you placed a bet on 1 and it has a 100 times multiplier applied to it, your winnings will be 100 times as big. 

This makes Mega Wheel one of the most interesting and exciting games on the market at the moment. It’s well worth playing and the live game show aspect of the game just makes it even more interesting. 

Nakoa Davis