How to Earn Money Video Streaming Games

It used to be that people played video games for fun. And although many still do, some people are making some very nice money from it, especially those familiar with streaming games via mediums such as Twitch.

The top and most popular Twitch streamers can make millions – with Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins being one of the most successful – earning around $1 million just for streaming a few gaming hours as a part of the launch of Apex Legends. So, how can you get in on the action?

Methods to Make Money

Video game streamers can make money in several ways – viewer donations, crowdfund subscriptions and programs such as ‘Twitch Bits’ – another type of viewer donation. 

In addition, popular streamers can earn money from sponsorship deals, ads, affiliate markets, and selling games and merchandise. Nowadays, one of the most popular practices is for streamers to help players discover top online casino bonuses, such as free spins no deposit.

This practice is also common among video game promotions and makeup tutorials sponsored by famous brands.

Starting Out

Some of the above money-making methods are not available to new streamers  – and it can be pretty tough to make money if you are just getting into it. 

You need to biome an Affiliate or an Official partner of these sites to be able to make money from selling subscriptions, games or online social media ads.

And in reality, making any money from merchandise sales is only an option if you have established yourself as a big name in the industry.

So, if you are just getting started, then the best ways to start whilst growing your followers include:

  • YouTube;
  • Affiliate Marketing;
  • Donations;
  • Patreon.


People get started by uploading their best streaming snippets onto a YouTube channel. Realistically, you will only earn money through ads if you have managed to build a decent viewership, which will take patience.

It isn’t easy to start making revenue on YouTube – but there are other benefits to be had, so this is an excellent way to get new followers over to your Twitch gaming streams.

People do this because game streaming sites such as Twitch make it challenging to attract followers. There are some pretty decent tools on YouTube which offer viewers personal recommendations based on their viewing history.

If you start attracting YouTube subscribers and viewers, you can encourage them to donate in return for rewards such as exclusive content and your best gaming tips.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are still getting familiar with the idea of affiliation, it is simply helping to sell products by promoting them on your page or video via a link. If someone watching this clicks your link and makes a purchase, you will get some of the profit.

So, by promoting products and offers successfully, you can receive a commission for whatever you helped to sell.

Although you won’t be able to become a Twitch affiliate, many people start along the more straightforward route of becoming an Amazon affiliate. 

So, they promote an Amazon product along with a link – anyone purchasing it from it will make money. When you become more well-known, other names in the industry may also make you affiliate deals, with the commission you get depending on how many people watch your videos.

Getting started is easy; you need to get a link from your partner. By promoting these affiliate links on social media, during streams and via a chatbot, you can increase your potential revenue even more.

By Receiving Donations Online

If you attract loyal followers, then you may be able to convince them to donate money (tips if you like), which can be done via a third-party service.

All you need to do is add a link to your donations page, and they can start contributing money.

Another way to incentivise your viewers to donate is by selling them in-stream services, such as offering to drop your armour for a set period to make it even more interesting to watch.


Once you have set yourself up, the world is your oyster; you can start looking for sponsorship, selling merch and more. 

Nakoa Davis