Most Popular Games In eSports

Did you know that the global esports audience stands at well over 200 million people? eSports is one of the fastest-growing entertainment niches. With new and thrilling games being launched every day, esports is set to dominate the gaming market in just a few years. 

When discussing the most popular esports games, it could mean factoring a number of things. Some games are popular across the world, while others have made regional breakthroughs. Some will have more players while others could be known for organizing huge tournaments with big cash prizes.

This blog post discusses the biggest esports titles by considering all the relevant factors. If you are interested in knowing which games are taking the esports market by storm, read on. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This is a classic shooting game in which two teams of five players each must outdo each other as terrorists and anti-terrorists. CS: GO delivers the ideal action thrill that esports players seek, which explains why it is at the top of our list. 

Unlike most games, players who get killed during action cannot rejoin the game immediately. Eliminated players can only support their teams during the next round of the competition. During the CS: GO gameplay, teams are tasked with completing different missions. Below are the most common missions:

Bomb Defusing 

If you are part of an anti-terrorist team and the bad guys are trying to place a bomb at a predetermined location, your goal will be to eliminate the terrorists before they plant the bomb, or prevent its detonation by defusing it before the timer runs out. 

Hostage Rescue 

There will always be two immobile hostages, and the anti-terrorist team must rescue at least one and deliver them to the rescue zone alive. Players carrying hostages tend to move slower and they cannot fire.

If an anti-terrorist player who’s carrying a hostage is killed, the terrorists can take the hostage back. Victory can also be achieved when the entire enemy team is eliminated. 

The best feature about the game is that it has a steep learning curve compared to other first-person shooter games on esports streaming platforms. You will have access to several helpful tools such as maps, grenades, and firearms. Each has a different spread when in use, making shooting more demanding, even for experienced gamers. 

League of Legends 

The league of Legends is a real-time strategy game where two teams duel against each other on a MOBA map. Every team consists of five players, selectable from a list of over 150 champion characters. 

Each player must take one of the five roles: Midlane, Topline, support, Attack Damage Carry, and Jungler. Every champion has four special abilities requiring different tactics. Players compete in their respective character position against players with similar roles on the opponent team. 

The game’s objective is to defeat the opponent team by destroying them as a team. To claim victory, you must penetrate the opponent’s base and destroy their nexus. 


Here is an original whose hype lives on years after its release. The Battle Royale Shooter, commonly known as Fortnite, has pretty straightforward gameplay where a total of 100 players compete in eliminating each other on a huge map. 

The last player standing is declared the winner and collects the prize. Unlike most games from the Battle Royale series, Fortune focuses on obtaining different resources and building utility structures. 

The structures you build can grant you a tactical advantage in the competition against other players. In most cases, the structures provide cover during fights.

Dota 2 

Somewhat similar to the League of Legends, the Dota 2 gameplay occurs over a MOBA map in five-on-five. The graphics in Dota are quite appealing to the eye, but the developer focused more on fine-tuning the tactical gameplay. 

Dota 2 offers a less mechanically-focused gameplay compared to other games of its stature. Players are allowed to choose from about 110 different heroes, with five playable roles. This renders the game more immersive and thrilling for regular and professional gamers.

The game has been gaining more popularity among esports gamers. With more professional gamers turning to Dota 2, it is no surprise that the game ranks high on this list. 


This esports title by Blizzard Entertainment delivers a great combination of MOBA and first-person shooter. Essentially, the gameplay is similar to that in first-person shooter games, but like in MOBA, you can select your character and role from the available options. 

Each character and role come with four different abilities and weapons. This makes it easier for players to outperform their opponents by utilizing their unique abilities and weapons skillfully. 

Apex Legends 

Respawn has been doing a great job to develop great games, despite being overlooked for years. Its battle royale shooter title Apex Legends has been taking the esports world by storm. 

Set within the Titanfall universe, the game lets you guide nimble mercenaries and not hulking robots. Luckily, the characters have many unique abilities. For instance, you can cloak yourself to create holograms as Mirage or travel between dimensions as Wraith. 

By use of innovative communication tools, you can keep your team well-coordinated. The popularity of Apex Legends continues to grow, thanks to ongoing regional and global tournaments. 

The King of Fighters XIV

While the King of Fighters might not be the fanciest fighter game on the market, it is one of the best competitive games. The game ranks for its deep combo system, massive 58-person roster, team-based action, varied special attacks, and movement options. 

These factors combine to form one of the most thrilling spectators’ esports titles. However, the game is a bit hard to master, especially for players who are not willing to put in the work. On the upside, the rewards from winning in KOFXIV are immensely satisfying. 

Even without being a major Evo game, The King of Fighters XIV is supported by the SNK World Championship Series. 


eSports are finding their way into the mainstream sports industry. Today, there are hundreds of esports events and tournaments being held annually. One of the reasons why the niche is gaining traction is the fact that there are numerous thrilling and competitive games on the market. 

Battle Royale and MOBA games seem to be the ones leading the scene. First-person shooter games are equally doing well. If you are considering trying out a great esports title, any of the games discussed above would be a good pick

Nakoa Davis