OBJECTIVE OF 7 GHOSTS: The objective of 7 Ghosts is to be the first player to collect 7 ghosts.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 to 2 Players

MATERIALS: 5 Deck Cards, 25 Action Cards, 3 Dice, and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 9 and Up


The goal of 7 Ghosts is to capture 7 ghosts, and the first player to do so, wins! Players choose a card from four decks that they will try to win. These cards may be one of four types of cards. The players will rill dice, attempting to meet the roll requirement in order to win the card. Each card contains special powers, actions, or moves. Win your seven ghosts and win the game!


Firstly, set one of the escape cards to the side, and then deal four piles, face down, consisting of six main deck cards. Ensure that the double ghost card is placed within the first twelve cards that are dealt. In the first three decks, flip the top card. The top card in deck four remains face down. Top cards that are revealed stay that way until they are picked by a player.

Each player is then given an action card. These cards aid in capturing cards from the deck, stopping opponents from doing so. Action cards can be earned by rolling dice and winning deck cards. The game is ready to begin.


 When a player begins their turn, the player must state which deck they are rolling for. These cards that are rolled for may be any of the following: haunted house cards, pumpkin cards, zombie cards, or ghost cards. Players may choose to play for the mystery card, they are then able to reveal it and play for it.

Each card has the roll that is required to remember it. On the right corner of the card, it shows the action card that you receive as well. A player gets to roll two times during their turn. The first is the initial roll, and then the player may choose to reroll one or all of the dice. If a player wins a card, then it is placed in front of them and their rolling is finished.

Players may then play action cards before their turn comes to an end. Gameplay continues in this manner until a player collects seven ghost cards.


The game immediately comes to an end when a player has collected seven ghosts. That player is declared the winner. the players may reshuffle the decks and begin another game!

Nakoa Davis