OBJECTIVE OF ADRENALINE: The objective of Adrenaline is to win more points than all of the other players.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 5 Players

MATERIALS: 1 Gameboard, 1 Game Variant Board, 5 Player Boards, 5 Action Tiles, 1 Starting Player Meeple, 86 Point Tokens, 36 Ammo Tiles, 5 Plastic Player Meeples, 100 Damage Tokens, 45 Ammo Cubes, 8 Skulls, 21 Weapon Cards, 24 Powerup Cards, 1 Bot Card, 1 Rulebook, and 1 Weapons Manual

TYPE OF GAME: Strategy Board Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 12 and Up


Five races have evolved, each with their own adaptations to life in varying conditions. Guide the factions throughout the galaxy to exploit resources, terraform planets, and create advanced colonies. A round of gameplay consists of three phases. Players earn victory points as their colony advances, and the player with the most victory points, wins!


Each player will choose a color to represent them. They will then gather 11 action cards, 4 starship meeples, 4 colony meeples, 4 factory meeples, 4 terraformer meeples, 1 scoring token, and a rule sheet that are in their chosen color. The nine stars are then placed on the table facing up. Eight of the stars are yellow or red, and the other star is white. The white star is where the players will begin the game.

There should be planets face down equal to the number of players. This begins the first system. Each player will randomly choose a planet to reveal, placing a factory on it. If any of the players get an alien planet, then they are to replace it with another. All of the planets are placed around the other suns, each having three to seven suns.

Sort all of the resource cards, separating them by type, and place them into separate decks to the side of the gaming area, facing down. Create an alien artifact card deck, shuffling all of them and place them face down to the side of the gaming area. Each player should take one resource card. Place the planning board in the middle of the playing area. The players should place their meeple on the victory point track on the planning board, and the game is ready to begin.


Gameplay begins with the first player and then continues clockwise around the group. Once figures are on the board, they will stay there for the remainder of the game.

Spawn Location

On the first turn of the game, each player will choose their spawnpoint through the following steps: draw two powerups, choose which to keep, reveal the other card and place their figure on that point, and discard the card that was revealed. Once the players are on the board, they may continue with a turn normally.

Your Turn

During their turn, a player may choose to complete two actions including run around, grab stuff, or shoot people. Actions may be taken in the order of the player’s choosing, and they may choose to repeat the same action twice.

If the player chooses to run around, they may move up to three spaces. They can only move from one space to an adjacent space, and they may be able to move through a door, but not a wall.  If they choose to grab stuff, they may either move one space and collect the stuff from that space, or they can spay and gather the things in their current space. They may not grab stuff and then move as the same action. Some items have costs which must be paid, and other items have limitations to the amount players are allowed to have.

In order to shoot people, players must play a weapon card, specify the target, pay the necessary costs, and hand out damage. Damage is represented by damage tokens in the player’s color.

After a player has completed their actions, they may reload weapons, score players, and replace the tiles that they collected. This signifies the end of their turn.


First Blood: the player with the first shot on the board, earns a point.

Damage: the player with the most damage, earns eight points. The player with the next highest damage earns six points. So on and so forth.

Collect the tokens as needed throughout the board. These points are tallied at the end of the game.


The game comes to an end after the last turn. All boards that still have damage tokens are scored. Next, score the killshot track, granting the player with the most tokens eight points, the second gets six points, ect. Everyone will reveal their point total at the same time. The player with the most points at the end of the game, win!

Nakoa Davis