OBJECTIVE OF ADVERSITY: The objective of Adversity is to be the first ad agency to hire a SpokesAnimal, a SpokesPerson, and Max Madison.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 6 Players

MATERIALS: 400 Slogan Cards, 60 Product Cards, 49 million in Adversity Cash, 6 Voters, 13 SpokesCelebrity Stands, 6 Professional SpokesAnimal, 6 Professional SpokesPeople, 1 Max Madison, and a Rulebook

TYPE OF GAME: Party Board Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 12 and Up


A game unlike any other, Adversity involves slogans that were previously used on a product, but now they need to be used to another new product. Using your creativity, attempt to sell your product using the ridiculous slogans that you are given. This game comes with laughs and hours of fun for you and your friends. Players earn game money for guessing the correct product to be paired with a slogan! Get out there and earn that dough!


Only two things need to be done to setup the game. Each player is now referred to as an agency, and they will each collect a Voter, 5 Slogan Cards, and 100 thousand Adversity Cash. The players will choose one player to play the role of the Banker. The Banker will play the game the same as every other player, but they are also responsible for all of the money.

The game is ready to begin.


The game is played throughout a course of numerous rounds. During a round, players will put the product cards in the middle of the table, revealing the top card. The product card will list four products that the agencies can choose from. Each agency, or player, will choose a slogan from their hand to pair with one of the products found on the product card.

The players will place their chosen ad cards face down in front of them. Players are unable to change their slogans once they are placed. The youngest player will act as the first advertiser. This player will reveal their slogan card, reading it aloud to the group. They will then turn their voter wheel so that it displays the chosen product, but they will leave this facing down.

The other players then attempt to choose which one of the products that the advertiser is selling, turning their voter wheels to match their choice. Once everyone has made their choice, the advertiser will reveal his answer by flipping his voter wheel and reading the slogan with the product.

Everyone will reveal their guesses. The advertiser earns 100 thousand dollars for each player that guesses correctly, and the players earn the same. If the players all choose the wrong product, then the advertiser loses 200 thousand dollars, as they are not very good at their job. All of the agencies will take their turn advertising, wrapping up round one.

After round one is complete and all players have had a chance to advertise once, they are each dealt a new slogan card, replacing their previous one. The next product card is revealed and the next round begins. The role of advertiser rotates to the left, and the game continues.


The game comes to an end when one player has met the three requirements of the game. The first player to hire a SpokesAnimal, a SpokesPerson, and The Ultimate Spokesperson, Max Madison, wins the game! If agencies are tied, they have a play-off round!

Nakoa Davis