OBJECTIVE OF AKROTIRI: The objective of Akrotiri is to be the player with the most accumulated points by the time the game comes to an end. 


MATERIALS: 1 Game Board, 12 Temples, 2 Boats, 2 Player Boards, 12 Goal Cards, 6 Action Markers, 36 Land Tiles, 12 Difficult Maps, 12 Medium Maps, 12 Easy Maps, 1 Starting Player Marker, 1 Thera Board, 10 5-Drachma Coins, 15 1-Drachma Coins, 32 Resource Cards, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Tile Placement Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 13 and Up 


In Akrotiri, the players act as explorers in the Classical Greek times. They search the Aegan Sea mercilessly for the long-lost Minoan temples that have been heard of in legends. Nobody knew where they were, until now, as you have access to the treasure map that depicts exactly where they are located. These excursions do not pay for themselves however, so you must also earn enough money to fund them. Who will find this giant treasure first? 


Place the game board in the center of the playing area, ensuring that there is space around it to place the other game pieces. The market board should then be placed next to the main board, and all of the resource cards should be placed on it, with each one covering a square that matches in color. Each player will choose a color to represent them throughout the game, collecting 6 temples, 1 boat, 2 drachmas, and a player board that match in color. 

The first player is randomly chosen by the group by whatever method they choose. The players will then place their six temples at the bottom of their board, covering all of the temple squares. All of the land tiles are shuffled and placed in a pile, face down. Beginning with the starting player, each will draw a tile and add it to the main board, placing two resources on that tile, one being the same color and one being random.  

Map cards are then shuffled, with each player getting one Easy Map card and one Medium Map card. The remaining cards are placed beside the board in piles that are separated by level. Two goal cards are dealt to each player, with the remaining being placed beside the Map cards. The players will choose one card to keep and one card to discard.  

The players will choose different docks to place their boats at across the island of Thera. The land tiles that are left will create the draw pile, and each player will draw one that they will try to hide from the other player. The game is then ready to begin.  


The game is played over the course of turns, with each player completing their turn before the other player will take theirs. The player must complete the following actions in the correct order: place their land tiles, place resources on the tile, and complete the action phase. Once they have completed all of these, the other player will take their turn.  

When placing their land tile, the player will add their tile to the map beside another tile, and they must always be connected with anther correctly. They must then place two resources on the tile. Next, the player will complete their action phase. To determine the number of actions that they can complete, they will check the number found on the right side of their player board. The player is allowed to complete a number of actions equal to the number found on their board.  

Once the player completes their actions, they will draw a pile. The next player will then begin their turn. Gameplay continues in this manner until a player has built all six temples found on their player board.  



The player may choose to move their boat in order to deliver more of their resources. They may move along a shipping route, or they can move to different docks found on the same island. Boats that are empty are able to move two spaces during the move action time.  

Load Boat 

Players are able to load their boat with this action. The maximum number of resources that a boat is able to hold is three, so they are only allowed to place three or less resources on their boats.  

Excavate a Temple 

In order to excavate a temple, specific steps must be followed. The player must dock their boat on the same island where they want a temple. They will then play a map card that is the same as the temple they want to build. At least one tile on the island must meet the requirements that are found on the map card. Once all of the requirements are met, the player is then able to place the left temple on their player board on the island. 

Buying Map Cards 

As long as their boat is at Thera, the player may choose to buy new Map Cards. Players may buy up to three Map cards with one action, but they must pay Drachmas for them!  

Consult the Oracle 

The player may choose to draw a tile that has a specific terrain icon. The player may then flip land tiles until they find one that has the icon that they requested. They are able to keep that tile, and if none are found that match, they may keep the last one they revealed.  


When a player empties their sixth temple, then the players will finish their current round before the game’s end. All players should have played an equal number of turns, and then final scoring should take place. Map cards, goal cards, and drachmas are all scored individually. The player with the most points, wins the game!  

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