OBJECTIVE OF ALONE: The objective of Alone changes depending on the role that the player chooses to play. If the player is the Hero, then their objective is to complete all of their missions within the allotted time frame. The other players, who are the forces of Evil, will have the objective of preventing the Hero from completing their missions. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 Players 

MATERIALS: 23 Miniature Game Pieces, 30 Tiles, 15 Creature Tokens, 2 Boss Tokens, 2 Difficulty Level Tokens, 8 Turn Tokens, 6 Adrenaline Tokens, 73 Charge Tokens, 4 Stair Tokens, 55 Light Tokens, 72 Danger Tokens, 1 Evil Leader Token, 10 Doors with Stands, 1 Compass Tile, 4 Player Reference Cards, 24 Mission Cards, 104 Reaction Cards, 4 Player Character Cards, 21 Item Cards, 2 Map Sheets, 8 Dice, 1 Evil Screen, 1 Hero Sheet, 1 Scenario Book, 1 Intro Rulebook, 1 Hero Compendium, and 1 Evil Compendium 

TYPE OF GAME: Campaign Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 14 and Up 


In Alone, one player will truly find themselves alone when fighting against the forces of evil. Once player will be named the Hero, which will attempt to complete a set mission with a limited amount of time in a land fraught with danger and evil. All other players will control the forces of evil, which can see and control all things. The evil will stop at nothing to end the Hero’s mission, but will the Hero still prevail? Play, and find out! 


Hero Setup 

The Hero sheet is randomly chosen, and the Hero sheet is placed in front of them. The mission tokens, self-control markers, round markers, adrenaline tokens, turn tokens, and charge tokens are given to the Hero, and they are placed in a pile in front of them. The Hero will choose a character card, placing it on their sheet, declaring the difficulty level as well.  

The life and self-control markers are placed on the twelfth space on the health track. The round marker is placed on the right side of the round track. One turn token is placed on each space of the hero sheet. Three adrenaline tokens are placed in the pool space, creating the beginning pool for the Hero. The item deck is then given to the Hero and placed in front of them, beside the Hero sheet. The reference cards are given to the Hero, showing them the stat cards.  

Shuffle the Final Mission cards, randomly drawing one for the Hero. This will represent the final mission for this game. For each color of mission cards, draw one card, placing it beside the final mission cards. The Hero will place three mission tokens on each room sector space. The rest of them will be given to the players who are playing the evil roles.  

Evil Setup 

The screen is placed in between the two groups of players, blocking the Hero’s view. One of the Evil players should be assigned the leading position. Two random map sheets are placed behind the screen, creating the map for the game. Each map sheet represents a level, which are connected by stairs.  

Beside the map, the stairs tiles, creature tokens, hero token, room sector tokens, danger tokens, blacked tokens, and light tokens are placed so that the evil players can use it. The evil players will place a random room sector token in each space on the map. Once they are all placed, they will have one chance to switch two of the tokens.  

The Hero’s starting location is chosen by the evil players. Two of the four reaction decks are chosen to use throughout the game, and they must announce it to the Hero. They will choose two creature tokens to place in two different sectors. They will also place two danger tokens on each level in any sector of their choosing. Finally, the compass is placed beside the map, oriented the same as the Hero sheet. The game is then ready to begin. 


The Hero will use their power of deduction and survival to work their way through the various missions found throughout the game. During each turn, the Hero will complete one or two actions that are available to them. These actions include moving, locating, fighting, exploring, scavenging, and interacting.  

The hero may draw item cards to aid them throughout their adventures. The Hero may also be able to complete special abilities that are granted by the character card. The Hero will only see a small portion of the labyrinth, and everything will not be available to them at the same time. The things the Hero can see are revealed and removed by the Evil players, depending on what actions the Hero completes.  

The goal of Evil players is to stop the Hero from completing their missions. They will spawn creatures, place danger tokens, and other things in response to what actions the Hero completes. Some reaction cards have limitations that the Evil players must follow in order to play reaction cards.  


The game comes to an end when the Final Mission comes to an end. If the Hero is able to complete the mission in the allotted amount of time, then they win the game! If they are unable to complete the final mission, then the evil players will win the game.  

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