OBJECTIVE OF AMONG THE STARS: The objective of Among the Stars is to be the player with the highest number of Victory Points at the end of the game.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 6 Players

MATERIALS: 4 Reactor Cards, 12 Conflict Cards, 16 Credit Tokens, 2 VAK Reactor Cards, 4 Aid Cards, 20 Energy Cards, 72 Location Cards, 1 Scoreboard, 8 Race Tiles, 22 Special Location Cards, 4 Player Markers, 16 Power Reactor Cards, 1 Year Marker, 8 Objective Cards, 32 Single Credit Token, and 1 Rulebook

TYPE OF GAME: Deck Building Card Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 12 and Up


Peace has finally been declared among all races found throughout the galaxy after the great war, creating the Alliance. The players take the roles of leaders of the races, presented with the task of creating space stations scattered through the galaxy. The players draft location cards to place their stations. The player with the best station wins the game!


Firstly, divide all Basic Location Cards and Special Location Cards by the symbol in their bottom right corner. If this is a three-player game, then all Basic Location Cards that have the number four in the bottom right corner are to be removed from the deck, as they are used during a four-player game.

Draw six random Special Location Cards for each player and add them to the deck of Basic Location Cards, forming the Location Deck. All players will then take a player meeple and place it on the scoreboard at the zero space. The scoreboard should be placed in the center of the playing area within reach of all players.

Each player will then collect a Reactor Card and place it in front of them on the table with two Energy Cubes. The rest of the energy cubes and credits are placed in the middle of the playing area, so that all players can access them, creating the supply. The game is then ready to begin.


The game continues throughout a four-year time period, with each round representing one year. At the start of a round, all of the players will take ten credits to add to their play area and collect six cards out of the Location Deck. The marker is moved to show which year is in play.

The players will choose a card and place it in front of them, face down. When everyone has done so, they may all reveal their cards at the same time and choose an action to complete. They may build a location, build a power reactor, or discard and earn three credits.

If players choose to build a location, there are rules that must be followed. Locations can be built if they are adjacent to other locations. When the game begins, any location must be build next to the Station. Players must pay the cost of locations in order to build them.

If they choose to build a power reactor, they must pay the energy requirement for other locations. To build a power reactor, they will discard their card, pay the cost, and take a power reactor card instead. If there are no power reactor cards available, then the player may not complete this action. Players may choose to discard their card and earn three credits.

After six turns, the players should have no cards remaining in their hand, and the round comes to an end. Each player should check the space station of other players to ensure that there are no cheaters. Gameplay continues for three more rounds.


The game comes to an end after 4 rounds of gameplay. Players will then tally their scores, and the player with the most victory points, wins the game! Players earn points if objectives are met, and cards collected. Players can one victory point for every three credits they have and for every reactor that does not have any energy cubes. Objectives can only be completed by one player.

Nakoa Davis