OBJECTIVE OF ANOMIA The objective of Anomia is to win the most cards.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 9 Players

MATERIALS: 8 Wild Cards, 92 Playing Cards, and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game



Anomia is the perfect game for those with random knowledge! Pay close attention to if your card matches any of the other players in the group. If the symbol matches any other card, you must try to give an answer before their opponent! Answer first, win the card, and, if you get enough wins, win the game!


Firstly, position all players in a circle. Using one of the decks, shuffle it well and divide it into two decks. Place these piles where they are easily accessible to all players. This will create the two draw piles. The game is ready to begin!


The player who shuffled the card will be the first player to take a turn. They will then draw a card from the pile of their choice and place it directly in front of them, facing up. The card has words and symbols. Going clockwise around the group, players will draw a card from a pile. When a card is drawn, if nobody has a card matching the symbols, the next player will draw a card.

If there is more than one card in front of you, the last card drawn will be the one placed on top. If two players have cards that have symbols that match, they will face off! Players must try to give a right example of the thing found on your opponent’s card prior to them answering about what is found on your card.

The loser will give their card to the winner and they will place it in their winning pile. The card revealed in the loser’s pile may cause another match, so pay close attention! When wild cards are played, the players who have those two symbols must face off if they are in play. The game continues in this manner until there are no more cards in the draw pile.


The game comes to an end when the Draw Piles have no more cards available. The player with the most card in their Winning Pile wins the game.

Nakoa Davis