OBJECTIVE OF APPLES: The objective of Apples is to be the first player to earn two hundred and fifty points.


MATERIALS: 1 Standard 52 Card Deck

TYPE OF GAME: Trick Taking Game



Apples is a fun, French trick taking game that allows for four players. There are some variations that allow for larger playing groups. This game does not require teams, unlike most trick taking games. Each player is in it for themselves!


First, the dealer is chosen. The best way to choose the dealer is by drawing for the high card. The player with the highest card will play as the dealer, and the position will rotate clockwise around the group. The dealer will then deal thirteen cards to each player.  The game is ready to begin.


Bidding is the first phase of the game. The player on the dealer’s left begins, and bidding continues clockwise around the group. Bidding determines the trump suit for the round. Players name a number that is then followed by a suit. The following player may pass or place a better bid.

The strongest suit is Spades, followed by Clubs, Hearts, then Diamonds. The suit that wins becomes the trump suit. Players must then play cards of the trump suit equal to the number they bid.

Cards in the bidding pile are then shuffled and dealt again. Each player will then choose one card from their hand and place it beside them face down. This will be the target card fro the player.

The winner of the bid will begin the play with one card. Going clockwise around the group, each player will play one card, attempting to follow suit. They may play a random card if they do not have a card that matches the suit. The player who plays the highest card wins the trick!

The winner takes all of their winnings, the cards that have been played into the trick. The cards are placed into the winnings pile which is used to total their score. Gameplay continues for twelve rounds. Points are then tallied.

Two, three, four and five number cards are worth negative fifteen points. The six, seven, eight, and nine cards are worth five points. The ten, Jack, Queen, and King are worth ten points. Finally, the ace is worth fifteen points.

A pair of cards earns the player the point value of the card. Triple card earns two times the card value. Having four of the same cards earns the player four times the value. If a player has a triple of their target card, they earn forty points. Players may earn a negative score as well.


The game comes to an end when a player earns two hundred and fifty points. This player is declared the winner.

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Nakoa Davis