OBJECTIVE OF AQUARIUS: The objective of Aquarius is to compose a chain that consists of seven panels with the same element as the one found on your Goal Card.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Two to Five Players

MATERIALS: One Wild Card, Fifty-Five Elements, Eighteen Actions, Five Goals, and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game

AUDIENCE: Twelve Years of Age and Older


Aquarius has the same feel as dominos with a playing strategy similar to Fluxx. Tile cards are created out of the five elements, and players must attempt to create a chain that consists of the element found on their Goal Card. Their Goal Cards are secret to all other players. The first player to create their chain, wins!


Place the players in a circle around the playing area. A random player will become the dealer. They will shuffle the Goal Cards, dealing one to each of the players. Players should not see the goals of the other players.

The main deck is then shuffled, and three cards are dealt to each player. One card is dealt to the middle of the table, facing up, so that all players may see it. The player who has the longest hair will begin the game.


During their turn, players will draw a card from the deck to add to their hand. They will then choose a card in their hand. If it is an action card, the player must complete the action and place the card in the discard pile.

If the card is an element, they may add the card to the table as long as the connection rules are followed. They have to be placed so that one panel is beside another panel that has the same element. Some cards have numerous elements found on them, and panels of the same element must touch. Cards may not be placed in a perpendicular fashion.

If when placing an element card, the player is able to connect two different elements, they may draw an additional card. If three elements are paired at once, then two additional cards may be drawn.

The wild card may be used for any element. It is considered to be all elements, but no multi connection bonus can be collected. It cannot be used as a wild action, only an element.


Trade Hands: If this action is drawn, the player may trade hands with any player they want.

Move a Card: If this action is drawn, the player may choose any card found on the table and move it to another legitimate location.

Trade Goals: If this action is drawn, the player may trade Goal cards with any player of their choice.

Rotate Coals: If this action is drawn, all players will pass their Goal cards to the player beside them in whatever direction the drawing player chooses.

Zap a Card: If this action is drawn, the player may take any played card and place it in their hand.

Shuffle Hands: If this action is drawn, all players’ cards must be shuffled together and dealt back out, with the first card going to the drawing player.


When a player manages to make a seven-panel connection of the element found on their Goal Card, the game comes to an end. This player is declared the winner!

Nakoa Davis