How To Play Arrogance

OBJECTIVE OF ARROGANCE: The objective of Arrogance is to see how far you can push your luck.


MATERIALS: One standard deck of cards, a flat surface, a drinking glass, and alcohol. 

TYPE OF GAME: Drinking Card Game



The objective of Arrogance is to see how far you can push your luck, without getting too cocky. The goal of the game is to call a fifty-fifty shot correctly while wagering on those odds.

The secondary goal is getting drunk and having fun with your friends. But let’s be honest, the most fun is getting wasted last so you can see all your friends making fools of themselves. 


The setup for Arrogance involves every player grabbing a drink (I suggest players grab various drinks to make it more challenging/disgusting). Someone will then shuffle the deck of cards and set them on the table. Next, a pint glass (or a pitcher, mason jar, bow, etc.) gets placed in the center of the table. The only thing left to do now is to start the game.


The game of Arrogance is relatively simple. Players start their turn by wagering an amount of their drink by pouring it into the glass in the center of the table. Once they are satisfied with the amount they wagered, they will call red or black. The top card of the deck is flipped. If they were right the turn passes to the next player, but if they are wrong, they have to drink whatever is in the glass in the center, and not just a sip, they have to drink all of it. 

Play then resumes with the following player taking their turn. Things start to get interesting once people get a little tipsy and get more sure of themselves. Not to mention, the joy/terror that comes on your turn when a few people ahead of you got it right and the glass gets more and more full.


The game has no true ending. It ends whenever people have decided they’ve had enough to drink and would like to quit. It’s not meant to be a serious game, very few rules and lots of alcohol prevents it from being too structured. Its real goal is to have people having fun and laughing with friends. 

The most important thing to remember is to always drink responsibly, and if you need to get home have a designated driver or call a cab. The risk that comes with drinking and driving is too high. Live to party another day my friends. 

Nakoa Davis