OBJECTIVE OF ASSUMPTIONS: Each player must try to make a correct assumption about another player.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 4+ players, but the more, the better!


TYPE OF GAME: Drinking game



A game best played amongst strangers, Assumptions is going to get a group of people who barely know each other to end the night with laughter and newfound friends! Points fingers and assume things about each other. The only rule? You can’t be offended!


Every player sits or stands in a circle facing each other with a drink in hand.


A random player starts the game by pointing a finger at anyone in the group and making an assumption. This assumption can be as general or as far-fetched as the player would like. Some examples of assumptions are:

  • I assume you drink at least three times a week.
  • I assume you’re the type to take over a meeting at work.
  • I assume you’re a middle sibling.
  • I assume you have hooked up with someone at this party.
  • I assume you’re a lightweight.

The person the player makes an assumption about must then confirm or deny the assumption. The targeted player must take a sip from their drink if the assumption is correct. If the assumption is incorrect, the player that made the assumption must take a sip from their drink.

Then the person on the left of the player that made an assumption makes an assumption of their own about another random player in the circle.


Continue playing until everyone has had a chance to make an assumption or until everyone is ready to move on to another game.