OBJECTIVE OF AUSONIA: The objective of Ausonia is to be the most influential player when the game ends. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 to 4 Players 

MATERIALS: 4 Sets of 2 Influence Cards, 3 Aspirant Cards, 1 Favor Deck, 4 Starter Decks, 1 Power Deck, 1 Play Mat, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Hand Management Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 12 and Up 


After the Witchplauge, only one land survives, Ausonia. Being the last of her kind, powerful houses compete for control over the fertile land. With the help of gemstones, magic, and their loyal supporters, the heads of the houses will fight tooth and nail to become the next ruler of Ausonia. Players, acting as the heads of the houses, will attempt to become the most influential one in the game, guaranteeing their seat of power, going from zero to hero in a matter of a few turns. 


To begin setup, the players will randomly choose a starting player. They will get the first Starter Deck, and the other players will receive one of the other Starter Decks. The matching cards can be found by the text found on the bottom side of the cards. Once everyone has their decks, they will shuffle them and place them directly in front of them, creating their own Draw Pile.  

As the players play and use cards, they will place them beside their draw pile, creating their Discard Pile. Each player will begin the game with ten influence points. The Power Cards are shuffled and placed in a faceup pile in the center of the playing area, creating the Power Deck. The favor deck is created in a similar way; cards are shuffled and placed in a face down pile.  

The top four cards of the flavor deck are drawn and placed in a row, facing up, forming the Offer Row. They may be purchased at any point during the game, and when they are, they are to be immediately replaced.  

Each player will then draw six cards from their draw pile. When their turn comes to an end, they should ensure that they refill their hand to six cards. Players should make sure that they have at least six cards, but they are permitted to have more than that throughout the course of the game. The game is ready to begin. 


During their turn, the player will complete two phases, the action phase and the end turn phase. During the action phase, the player may construct sources, activate abilities, purchase cards, and play. When cards are played, they will be placed face up on the table, in the Play Area. There are Gem Cards and Favor Cards, and two types of cards can be played during their turn.  

Each card has different abilities that the players may activate. Gem Cards allow the players to collect gems that they may use as resources, including the ability to purchase cards from offer row. Of the players decide to purchase cards, they must refill the place where their purchased card was. 

Favor cards sometimes require resources in order to use their specific abilities as well. The gem cost for these will be seen at the top left corner of the card. Abilities can only be used one time each turn.  

If a player’s draw pile ever becomes emptied, then the player will shuffle their discard pile and place it in the same place as their draw pile. Once they complete their action phase, the players will begin their end turn phase before the next player will begin their turn. All of the cards in their play area are placed into their discard pile, they will discard any cards from their hand that they no longer want and draw their hand up to six cards. The next player will being their turn, and the round will continue in a clockwise order around the group. 


The end of game processes begins whenever a player reaches at least sixty influence points. The current round will continue until it comes to an end. At this point, the players will tally their points. The player with the most points, wins the game!  

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