OBJECTIVE OF AVALON: The objective of Avalon depends on where your loyalties lie. If you are Evil, then the objective is to assassinate Merlin or force three failed Quests. If you are Good, then the objective is to complete three Quests.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 5 to 10 Players

MATERIALS: 1  Lady of the Lake Token, 2 Loyalty Cards, 3 Score Tableaus, 1 Leader Token, 1 Vote Track Marker, 1 Round Marker, 5 Score Markers, 20 Vote Tokens, 5 Team Tokens, 10 Quest Cards, 14 Character Cards, and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 13 and Up


In Avalon, the forces of Good and Evil are pitted against one another. They battle ruthlessly to control the fate of civilization. Arthur is good at heart, and he promises to lead Britain into a glorious future, filled with honor and prosperity. Mordred, on the other hand, leads the forces of evil. Merlin knows about the agents of evil, but if the evil lord knew of him, all hope for good will be lost.


Choose the tableau that corresponds to the number of players there are for the game. The chosen tableau is placed in the middle of the playing area, with the Quest Cards, Team Tokens, and Score Markers placed to the side of the tableau. The Round markers are then placed on the first Quest space. Each player is then given two vote tokens.

The leader token is randomly given to a player. The Good and Evil players are then assigned. When there are 5 or 6 players, then there are two players that are Evil. If there are 7, 8, or 9 players, then there are 3 Evil players. Finally, if there are 10 players, then there are 4 Evil players.

Shuffle the cards depending on the number of Good and Evil players. One character card will be the Merlin card, and all others will be loyal servants. One of the evil character cards will be the Assassin, and all others will be minions. Each player is dealt one card.

To ensure that all Evil players know each other, and Merlin knows them as well, they must complete steps. All payers will close their eyes, extending their fist in front of them. Minions will then open their eyes, acknowledging each other. They will close their eyes and put their thumbs up so that Merlin can see who the Evil players are. Merlin will close their eyes, all players will ensure their hands are in fists, and then everyone will open their eyes together.

The game is ready to begin.


The game consists of numerous rounds, each of which consists of a team building phase and a quest phase. During the team building phase, the leader of the team will put together a team to complete a quest. The players will either unanimously approve, or the team will be altered until everyone agrees. During the quest phase, the players will complete the quest if they are able.

During the team building phase, the leader will gather the number of Team tokens needed depending on the number of players. After the players discuss who will be on the team, the vote is taken. Each player selects a vote card. After all the players have voted, the votes are revealed. If the players approve, the team will continue. If not, the process occurs again.

Once the team is chosen, the quest phase will begin. A group of Quest cards is passed to each member of the team. Each player will then choose a quest and play it in front of them. If all cards are success cards, the quest is considered successful and a score marker is added to the tableau. If at least one of the cards is not successful, then the quest is not successful. The marker is moved to the next quest space, and the role of leader is passed clockwise around the group.


The game may come to an end in two different ways. The game comes to an end if the team of Good is able to finish three quests, without the dark forces learning of Merlin’s existence. The Team of Good will win in this scenario.

If the Team of Good is unable to complete three quests in a row, then the dark forces of Evil win the game, and the game comes to an end.

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Nakoa Davis