OBJECTIVE OF BARRAGE: The objective of Barrage is to be the player with the most Victory Points by the end of the 5th round.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 to 4 Players

MATERIALS: 2 Rulebooks, 25 Plastic Pieces, 148 Tiles, 202 Wooden Pieces, 12 Punch Boards, 4 Construction Wheels, 4 Company Boards, 1 Energy Track, 1 Management Board, 1 Map, and 1 Office Board

TYPE OF GAME: Strategy Board Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 14 and Up


In Barrage, players act as international companies that are attempting to exploit the water found in an Alpine region that is crossed by many rivers. Players must plan their actions carefully, as their resources are only accessible sometimes. Players must attempt to store as much water as possible, in an attempt to gain the most power. Will you be able to meet the requirements?


Put the map in the middle of the playing area, with no side icons being shown until all the players feel very comfortable in the game. The energy track and management board beside the map. The mixers and excavators beside the map in order to make the supply. Separate the credits into different piles based off their values and organize them into the supply.

The water drops into the general supply. Shuffle all of the Headstream tiles well and put four of them into their assigned place on the Map. Five random Bonus tiles are placed in their assigned places on the Energy Track. Place a random Objective tile in the assigned spot on the Energy Track as well. Contract tiles will be randomly drawn, and there should be one less tile than there are players. These are placed on the Management board.

The final tile to place is the Neutral Dam tiles, which are divided by type. Once is drawn from each of the types and placed in the building spaces assigned to them.

Player Setup

Players are assigned their Company and Executive Officer based off of the player order. After they have been assigned, they will collect all of their components in the color that is associated with their company.

 The first player is assigned the USA board, which is red, and Wilhelm Adler. The second player is assigned Germany, which is black, and Jill McDowell. The next player is assigned Italy, which is green, and Solomon P. Jordan. Finally, the fourth player is assigned France, which is white, and Viktor Fiesler.

Each player will collect 6 Credits, 6 Excavators, 4 Concrete Mixers, and a Contract tile. Energy markers are placed at the starting space on the Energy Track. VP markers are then placed in the number 10 space on the scoring track. The game is ready to begin.


The game is played over the course of five rounds, each consisting of five phases. The phases are to be played in order.

Phase 1

All players will complete this phase simultaneously. Players collect the income found on their Company boards. To activate income, players will build structures. As the players continue to add pieces to their structures, they will earn more income.

Two water drops are placed on the Headstream tile during the first round.

Phase 2

Players will play sequentially during this phase. Players have to place Engineers on a free action space if they want to perform their action. Each action requires up to three Engineers, depending on the action. The player will take the Engineers from their supply to complete the action, and if they do not have enough, then the action cannot be completed.

Once a player has completed an action, their turn comes to an end. Players must pass if they do not have any Engineers in their supply. Once all players have passed, this phase comes to an end.

Phase 3

When the action phase has ended, the water flow begins. The water drops on the headstream tiles flow down, according to normal rules. They slowly fill the dams that they flow into. The dam is full once the total of the water drops equals the dam’s maximum capacity.

The rest of the water drops will then flow past it, filling the next one. After all of the drops have been placed or lost when reaching the lower basin, this phase ends.

Phase 4

During the scoring phase, points are tallied. The player that is on the first spot of the energy track earns six Victory Points, and the second player earns two Victory Points. Players will then collect credits depending on their space on the energy track.

Players score a bonus tile if their marker is in the current round or farther. If it is in a previous section, they score four points less than the bonus tile. The left bonus tile is then removed, and when the last one is removed, the game comes to an end.

Phase 5

The player with the least energy becomes the first player for the next round. All of the new Advanced Technology tiles are placed face up in their assigned spaces. This phase is not completed during round 5.


The game comes to an end after 5 rounds of gameplay. Players will tally their Victory Points won from their Objective tiles and leftover resources that they have available. The player who has the most Victory Points, wins the game!

Nakoa Davis