OBJECTIVE OF BATTLE LINE:  The objective of Battle Line is to claim three adjacent flags or a total of five flags before any other player.  


MATERIALS: 60 Troop Cards, 10 Tactics Cards, 9 Flags, and a Rulebook.

TYPE OF GAME: Strategy Board Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 12 and Up


Two players fight with one another over the battle line. Players attempt to collect three flags in a row, or five flags in total. Players claim flags by playing three card poker to the sides of the flags, and the player with the highest scoring cards, wins it! Players block, strategize, and talk smack in order to win the game!


Begin setup by placing nine flags in a straight line between the players. Cut the deck until a player has a higher number. The player with the higher number will shuffle and deal 7 cards to each of the players. The rest of the deck is placed face down at an end of the battle line. Ten Tactics cards are put at the other end of the battle line, face down.


The player who did not deal the cards will begin the game, with play alternating between the players from there on out. A player will select a Troop or Tactic card from their hand and place it on their side of the battle line. At the end of their turn, the player will draw a card from a deck of their choosing, ensuring that their hand consists of seven cards.

If a player selects a troop card, they may only choose up to three cards beside each flag. Players may pass if they are unable to play a troop card.

Players may claim flags before they draw their cards. They must have a completed formation and prove that they outrank their opponent. Gameplay continues in this manner until a player completes the goal of winning three straight flags or five flags total.


The game comes to an end when a player has laid claim to three adjacent flags or five flags in total. This player is declared the winner! If there are numerous rounds, then the winner scores five points, and they will begin the next game.

Nakoa Davis