OBJECTIVE OF BEAVERS GANG: The objective of Beavers Gang is to gather the lowest value cards in your gang before the end of the round.


MATERIALS: 1 notepad for the score and 66 cards, indicating either values from 0 to 9 or actions.

TYPE OF GAME: bluff/shedding card game

AUDIENCE: children, teen, adult


Gang of Beavers puts you at the head of a beaver gang who wants to avoid too difficult tasks by giving other beaver gangs the higher-value cards. In this game of memory, which is not a memory game, you have to be clever, follow what others do so as not to lose an opportunity to steal a good card and replace it with a bad one.


The cards are shuffled and each player is dealt 4 cards, which he places in a row in front of him, face down, without looking at them. The rest of the cards form the draw pile in the centre of the table. The first card is turned face up. It is the discard pile.

Example of a three player game setup


A game is played in as many rounds as there are players.
Players secretly look at the 2 cards at the ends of their row and then put them back in place.

In turn, a player has 2 possibilities, he may:

  • Take the first card from the discard pile, if it is not an action card, then exchange it for one of the cards in front of him.
  • Draw a new card. If it is not an action card, he can either exchange it for one of his cards or discard it. If it is an action card, he can use it or discard it.

Cards that are discarded are always discarded face up, while those that are in front of you always remain face down.

There are only 3 different actions in Beavers Gang:

  • Swap: Swap one of your cards with an opponent, without looking at them.
  • Looking: Secretly look at one of your cards, then put it back in its place, face down.
  • Draw: Draw a new card and if it suits you, play it normally, if not, discard it and draw the next one.
The right player draws an Exchange card and uses it to exchange his third card with the top player’s first card

The game continues until one of the players announces that he or she is stopping by tapping on the table. This is then the last round. All the participants play again, except him.

At the end of the round, the players reveal their cards and total the points of their gang. The action cards still in front of the players are replaced by new point cards drawn from the deck.
The scores are written on the notepad and a new round begins.


At the end of the last round, the player with the lowest point total wins the game.

Having two zeros, the left players tapped on the table. After the final turn, each player had one action card in their gang and had to replace it by drawing another card. With eleven points, the left player wins the round.

Enjoy! 😊

Nakoa Davis