OBJECTIVE OF BEERIO KART: Beat your opponents in a Mario Kart race, and finish your drink before you cross the finish line

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2-8 players

CONTENTS: Nintendo console with Mario Kart downloaded, 2-8 controllers, 1 beer per player

TYPE OF GAME: Drinking game

AUDIENCE: Ages 21+


This game is a twist on everyone’s favorite childhood videogame. Beerio Kart combines the youthful thrill of racing different Nintendo characters with the adult activity of drinking beer!


You’ll need a Nintendo console such as a Wii, GameCube, or Nintendo Switch with a Mario Kart disc or the game downloaded. You will also need as many controllers as you have players competing and one beer per player.


Each player will need to choose their racing car and character. Crack open your beer and get ready for the race to begin!


Beerio Kart Mario Kart

The game works almost exactly the same as the standard Mario Kart game, but the twist is that each player must finish their beer before they cross the finish line, otherwise, they will be eliminated. You have the option of either chugging the entire drink after the race begins but before you start driving, drinking the beer slowly throughout the race, or completing the race and drinking the beer at the finish line. Anything goes, as long as that can or bottle is empty by the time you cross the line.

The game can either be played as a single race or a three-race Grand Prix.


The winner is the player that wins the race and has finished their beer. If you finish the race before your beer is empty, you will be automatically disqualified. If you choose to do the best of three races, the winner is whoever has the highest scores out of the three races. Just make sure to deduct the necessary points for players who were disqualified for a certain race.

Nakoa Davis