big wheel six

OBJECTIVE OF BIG SIX WHEEL: To land bet on the correct outcome of spinning the wheel.


MATERIALS : A Big Six Wheel, casino chips or cash, and a blackjack table with a custom layout.

TYPE OF GAME : Wheel Spin & Chance



The game was first introduced into the casino world by those in the UK in 2002. Slowly but steadily, the influence spread to the USA, where the game’s popularity boomed due to its simplicity. Although still a rare sight in global casinos, the game is a hit with the crowd in the UK and the USA.

The concept of the game is simple. The wheel has equally divided segments, each carrying a number that players can bet on. Bets are made and the player whose number segment is where the pointer stops on is declared the winner. Every outcome is determined purely by chance.


The croupier collects bets for all the number segments available on the wheel. This is usually a set of numbers between 1-6. Once players have laid down their bets on their respective number segments, the wheel is spun. The wheel comes to a natural stop at one of the segments. This number will then be declared the winner and be paid out. The rounds continue in this manner.



This variant is the most preferred among the masses and involves monetary denominations on the wheel. Commonly, the denominations will be $1, $2, $5, $10, and $20, in addition to a Joker and the house logo. Payouts are determined by these number segments. For example, the $1 bet pays out 1:1 while the $2 bet will pay out 2:1 and so on. As for the Joker & house logo, the odds are 40:1 or 45:1, at the discretion of individual casino operators.


This wheelset has over 216 segments displaying combinations of a three die set. Again, players will be made to choose a number between 1-6. Payouts are made based on the number die that match the numbers that have been bet on. If there is a single match, the payout would be 1:1, for double matches 2:1 and for a precise guess of all three die, the payout will be 3:1. Wheels used The expected loss is based on the probability of the spin results as well as available segments on the wheel.


At casinos in the UK, New Zealand, and Australia, there is another licensed version of this game. The wheel in play comes with 52 segments, each marked with letters between A to G. The distribution of these segments are uneven, so one letter would have bigger odds in comparison to another letter on the board. If you want to try this game we have gathered top lists of brand-new casinos where you can for example play this popular variant of Big Wheel Six. Find a new UK casino here, find a new casino in Australia here, and find a new casino in NZ here and start playing this variant of Big Wheel Six today. To get a complete breakdown of probabilities, odds, and house edge of this variant, see the table below:

Source : Wikipedia


This variant is similar to betting on horse racing, The symbols are a combination of three different racehorses, the winning horse, place or second-place horse and show, or third-place horse. Bets are also placed accordingly, either win, place or show. Payouts depend on the times a horse appeared on the wheel. This variant of the game was used in the Grand Casino in Mississippi until it was destroyed in the 2005 Hurricane Katrina.


There are many variants of this game, however, they are very rare.


Although the outcomes in the game are determined fully by your luck, there are a few things that you can keep an eye out for to ease your odds of winning :

  • Go for bets with lower house edges, these are more likely to payout.
  • Study the trend, you may just find a tendency for the wheel to stop at a certain combination, which you can then use to your advantage.
  • Strategize a higher odd bet into your bets list. These pay much more when they hit.
  • Go for a lower number of segments. Although the payouts may be at an average, it’s an upgrade from a low payout bet at a wheel with >50 segments.


The Big Six is definitely a game that you leave to the mercy of Lady Luck. However, there still are ways that you can lower the risk of your bets and increase your chances of winning. Overall, this game does provide the thrill of uncertainty and has a very simple gameplay. But if you’re betting for big returns, maybe you can sit this one out.

Nakoa Davis