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OBJECTIVE OF BLUFF: The object of the bluff cards game is to get rid of all your cards as fast as you can, and before all the other players.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3-10 players

NUMBER OF CARDS: 52 deck cards + Jokers

RANK OF CARDS: A (High), K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2

TYPE OF GAME: Shedding-type



Bluff is a variant on I Doubt it played in West Bengal. This variant of I Doubt it is similar to another bluff game with the same name, whose rules can be found hereIt is more commonly referred to as Bullshit in the United States and Cheat in the United Kingdom. These are all shedding games which promote elements of deceit in order to win the game. This game is also similar to a Russian game called “Verish’ ne Verish'” or “Trust – Don’t Trust.”

These games are so popular you can even play the bluff card game online! Bluff and other bluff card games make a wonderful party game for a large group. To play a bluff card game successfully you have to good at fibbing and quick witted. The one Bluff card game rule to remember is do not get caught in a lie.


To start playing Bluff, cards are shuffled and evenly dispersed to each player. A single player is nominated to be lead. This player starts each round by announcing which rank will be played. The lead does so by placing a 1 or more cards face-down in the center of the table while declaring their rank. This may or may not be true. Play moves left, other players may:

bluff player's turn
  • Pass, players may choose to not play a card. If you pass you may not play again during that round, however, you still can challenge other players.
  • Play, players may choose to play 1 or more cards which match the same rank announced by the lead. For example, if the lead declares they played a Queen, each player should be playing Queens. However, since cards are placed face-down, it gives everyone the opportunity to lie about what cards they are shedding and thereby possibly get rid of their cards faster.

Note: Jokers are a wild card and are always true.

A round continues around the table until all players pass or there is a challenge.

  • If all players pass, the center stack is removed from play and not examined. Whichever player was the last to add to the stack becomes the lead. The lead then announces the rank for the next round.
  • If there is a challenge, this is what occurs. After one player has played down a card, before the next player plays, anyone in the game may challenge the integrity of the other player’s card. Players who wish to initiate a challenge do so by placing their hand on the stack and calling, “Bluff!” If the cards are not the rank declared by the player, they must grab the stack of the discard cards and add it to their hand. If the cards are the rank declared, the player who called Bluff takes the center stack into their hand.

Note: A useful tactic of the card game Bluff gameplay is to lie about your cards the first time you play then tell the truth the next couple times.


To win bluff card game, you must be the first player to run out of cards. Typically, the bluff card game continues even after the first player goes out to determine a second place winner, third, and so on.

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Learn to play Bluff card game online here:

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4 thoughts on “BLUFF CARD GAME RULES”

  1. I used to play this as a kid and we called it BS. I’m so excited to start playing it again! This sit eexplains everything! well done!

    • Hi Sophie, so glad we could help reunite you with a childhood favorite. Thank you for your kind words! Happy gaming.

    • Hi Jaskirat, once a challenge has been concluded the play continues with the next player to the left of the last player who played.

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