OBJECTIVE OF BOAT RACE: Finish all of your team’s beers in order before the other teams without spilling.


CONTENTS: 1 Solo cup per player, 1 beer per player 

TYPE OF GAME: Drinking Games

AUDIENCE: Ages 21+


Boat Race is a simple competitive drinking game, not to say it isn’t still a blast! You are sure to get some funny photos of players trying to drink a beer as fast as possible without spilling.


All you need to play Boat Race is one plastic Solo cup for each player and a beer to fill the cup up. It may also be a good idea to designate someone as the referee to make sure no one spills or drops their cups.


Simply pour an entire beer into every player’s cup and have each team line up. Have the referee do a 3-second countdown to start the game.


Boat Race is essentially a drinking relay race, so one player on each team will start and once they finish the drink, the next player can begin drinking. When a player finishes their drink, they must place the cup upside down on their head for the remainder of the game.

A team will be given a 5-second penalty, during which they must wait to drink, if a player spills some of their beer while they are drinking. If any player on a team drops their cup from their head during the game, the team must stop drinking until all empty cups are back on their designated heads.


The winning team is the team that finishes all of their drinks first and has all of their cups balanced on their heads at the same time. If it is too close to call the winner, the referee can either give the win to the team with the least amount of penalties or announce a sudden death round.

In the sudden death round, the two teams that tied must choose one player to face off in a single beer chug challenge. Whoever drinks the single beer the fastest wins!

Nakoa Davis