OBJECT OF BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE: The objective of Boom Goes the Dynamite is to ignite the most matches by the end of the game.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 6 Players

MATERIALS: 60 Match Cards, 22 Ignite Cards, 2 Dynamite Cards, and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game



This game is full of matches ready to be ignited! The goal is to create matches, either with luck or using the Ignite Cards that alter the Match Cards. The player who has made the most matches at the end, wins!

Ensure that you keep your eyes peeled, take your time during your turn, and learn some quick math! This game will get ahead of you quickly if you don’t pay attention.


To begin setup, shuffle the Match Deck. Orient nine Match Cards facing down, creating the Matchbox. These cards will stay hidden from the group.

Shuffle the Ignite Deck. Give each player three Ignite Cards. The rest of the cards may be placed face down next to the Matchbox, creating the Ignite Pile and the Match Pile. The game is ready to begin!


During your turn, flip two cards from the Matchbox. In the case that the two cards match, then you have created a Traditional Match! In the case that the cards do not match, then you still have the opportunity to ignite a match using the Ignite Cards that are in your hand.

After a match has been ignited, all the cards used in making the match are sat to the side, in your own Match Pile. Replenish the Matchbox. You may use cards from the Match Pile, making it nine cards. Your turn may continue until you cannot make another match.

When your turn is completed, draw enough cards from the Ignite Pile to make sure that you have three Ignite Cards in your hand. Ignite Cards may only be drawn at the end of a turn. Gameplay will continue clockwise around the group until the game comes to an end.

Match Cards

The Numbered cards are involved when creating ignited or traditional matches. Dynamite cards explode, allowing you to keep it and everything that the card is touching.

Ignite Cards

When a Timer Card has been played, you have approximately ten seconds to flip over cards from the Matchbox, attempting to create as many matches as possible, either Traditional or Ignited. Your turn ends after the ten seconds is up. The timer card has to be played when your turn begins or after a match as been made. Timer Cards are able to be combined, increasing the time you have to make matches.

Wild Cards are used to  ignite a match between two number cards, no matter if they match or not. They may also add five seconds to a Timer Card to allow more time to make matches.

Formula Cards are used when igniting matches through mathematics. You may use a Formula Card to force your cards to match.


The end of the game occurs when there are no more match cards that may be used. Whoever has the most cards is the winner!

Nakoa Davis