OBJECTIVE OF BUCK DICE: Score 15 points as quickly as possible


MATERIALS: Three 6 sided dice

TYPE OF GAME: Dice game

AUDIENCE: Family, Adults


Buck Dice is a simple game that can be enjoyed by gamers of all ages.  The goal is to score 15 points as quickly as possible.  Once you score 15 points, you are out of the game.  The last player remaining is the loser.  Next round is on them!  Playing with the family? Loser does the dishes.


Begin the game by having each player roll all three dice.  Whoever rolled the highest total goes first.  The next highest total goes second.  If there is a tie, break the tie by rolling the dice again.  The highest total earns the next place in the turn order.

The player who goes last gets to roll to determine the Buck number.  The Buck number is very important, and players will try to roll that number.  Rolling the Buck number is the main way to score points in this game.

A player takes their turn by rolling all three dice.  Here are the possible outcomes:

  1. A player rolls a single Buck number.  They earn one point and roll all three dice again.
  2. A player rolls two Bucks.  They earn two points and roll all three dice again.
  3. A player rolls three Bucks.  This is called a Big Buck.  That player scores 15 points and is automatically out of the game.
  4. A player rolls three of the same number and that number is not the Buck.  This is called a Little Buck, and it is worth 5 points.  The player’s turn is over.  They pass the dice to the next player.
  5. A player rolls the dice, does not get three of the same number, and does not roll a Buck.  There turn is immediately over.  They pass the dice to the next player. 

Play like this continues until there is only one player left.  That player loses.


When a player scores exactly 15 points, they are out of the game.  If a player earns a total that is more than 15, the roll does not count.  Their score stays the same, and the player rolls again if they rolled at least one Buck.  

For example, if a player has a score of 14, and they two Bucks, they do not earn the 2 points because that would make their score 16.  Their score would remain at 14, and they would roll again.

If at anytime a player rolls a Big Buck, they are automatically out regardless of their score.

The last player the remain in the game is the loser.

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