OBJECTIVE OF CANDYLAND: You win the game by being the first player to reach the Candy Castle, located at the end of the board.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: A game for 2-4 players

MATERIALS: A game board, 4 character figures, 64 cards

TYPE OF GAME: Children’s Board Game

AUDIENCE: For Adults and Children 3+


Candyland has a quick, and easy setup. First, open the game board and set it up on a flat, even surface, reachable by all players. Then shuffle all 64 game cards and place them close to the game board. Finally, pick a character to play as for the game and place the figure on the start space on the game board.

Candyland Game Board


Candyland is a movement-based board game. It requires no reading, which is why it’s great for young children. All your children need is a basic understanding of colors to play with you.

You start your turn by drawing a card from the deck. Next, you must determine what kind of card you have (discussed below) and move accordingly and discard the card in the discard pile. The youngest player goes first, and play continues to the left.


There are three basic card types in the deck. There are cards with single color blocks, two-color blocks, and picture cards. Each card has a different set of rules for them.

For single color block cards, move your character forward. You should be on the block closer to the Candy Castle of the same color.

For cards that have two colored blocks on them, you also move your character closer to the end goal of Candy Castle. This time though you are looking for the second space that matches a color on your card.

Finally, you may draw a picture card. These pictures correspond to pink tiles on the board that match the picture on the card. You must move to this place on the board even if it means moving away from the Candy Castle.


Moving forward towards the Candy Castle is the main goal of the game and how you win. There are, however, slightly more advanced rules to follow. Here are some special rules and circumstances that movement has:


Picture Cards
  1. You will always move your figure towards the Candy Castle unless you pull a picture card. In this circumstance, you can move either backward or forward depending on where the matching tile lies on the board compared to you.
  2. You may have your character figure on the same spot as another player’s character figure.
  3. There are two paths on the gameboard called, shortcuts; They are named the Rainbow Trail and the Gumdrop Pass. Your figure may take these shortcuts only if you land on, by exact count, the orange space under the Rainbow Trail or the yellow space under the Gumdrop Pass. If you land on these spaces, you may take the path and end up on either the purple space over the Rainbow Trail or the green space over the Gumdrop Pass.
  4. There are a few spaces marked with licorice. If you land on one of these spaces, exactly you must remain there for your following turn. After you miss one turn you can resume playing.
  5. Follow all the above rules until someone reaches the Candy Castle.

Winning the game is simple. You just have to be the first person to reach the Candy Castle!

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