OBJECTIVE OF CASE RACE: Drink an entire 24-pack case of beer between your team before the other teams

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: At least 2 teams of 4 players

CONTENTS: 24-pack of beer for each team

TYPE OF GAME: Drinking Game

AUDIENCE: Ages 21+


Case Race is a team drinking competition that is essentially a race between 2 or more teams to finish an entire case of beer. Now that is a lot of liquid! You’ll want the teams to have at least 4 players for this one, for obvious reasons.


Not much is needed for this game. You will need a 24-pack of cold ones for each team. No cups or other materials are needed. You may also want to designate someone as a referee to keep track of the progress and announce the winners.


Place an unopened case of beer cans or bottles in front of each team. The referee should count to three and then all of the teams can start drinking.


There are not a lot of specific rules for Case Race. Each team must simply finish the entire case and each team member must finish the same number of beers. For example. If there are 4 players on a team, each team member must drink 6 beers. Or if there are 6 players on a team, they must drink 4 beers each. You get the math!


The winning team is the team that finishes all 24 beers first. When a team claims to be done, the referee must inspect to make sure that all 24 cans are fully empty.

Nakoa Davis