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OBJECTIVE OF CASINO: Accumulate points by capturing cards.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2-4 Players, in 4 player games there is an option to partner up (2 vs 2)

NUMBER OF CARDS: Standard 52 card deck

RANK OF CARDS: K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, A

TYPE OF GAME: Fishing game



To play Casino, each player is dealt four cards from the dealer with four cards face-up in the center. The dealer deals and it is traditionally done two at a time, two cards to each player, two cards to the table, and two cards to the dealer. Remaining cards are set aside. After each player has played their four cards they are dealt four more from the remaining cards pile. After the first deal, no more cards are dealt to the table. This continues until all 52 cards have been played. When dealing the last hand the dealer must announce “last.” After the last hand has been played and scored the position as dealer passes to the left.


The card game Casino starts with the player to the left of the dealer and play moves clockwise. On their turn, each player must play one card from their hand by placing it face-up on the table. This card can be used to capture 1+ cards from the table. Even if there is or is not a capture, play passes on.

  • in the event of a capture, after other players have seen the capturing card, the player collects the capture cards with the capturing card and places them in a pile face-down.
  • If there is no capture the card remains face-up on the table.

Possible types of play:

  • Capture with a face card, if you play picture cards (King, Queen, Jack) that is the same rank as one on the table, you may capture picture card on the table. If there are multiple matching cards on the table you may only capture one.
  • Capture with a number card, if you play a numerical card (A and 2-10) you may capture any number cards of equal face value. You can also capture any sets of cards whose sum totals the value of the card played, under these restrictions:
    • cards within a build (see below) can only be captured by a card whose value is equal to the value claimed for that build.
    • if you capture a set, each individual card may only be counted as being within that set.

Example: A 6 is played, you can capture one, two, or three 6s. You can also capture two 3s and three 2s.

  • Form a Build/Building, number cards can be combined with other cards on the table if placed together. This is forming a build. They are made of a collection of number cards which are captured by a single number card according to the previous rule. Whoever is making the build must announce to the other players the value of the capturing card. For example, “building six.” Players must have the number card which can be used later to make the capture. There are two kinds of builds:
    • Single builds have 2+ cards whose face value add up to the value of the build.
    • Multiple builds have 2+ cards or sets, each set must equal the value of the build. For example, an 8 build may bee constructed with an eight, an Ace and a seven, 2 fours, or a five and a three. If a player holds an eight and there is a three and a five on the table, these cards may be combined to form a multiple build.

Builds must include the card you just played and may not consist only of cards on the table. Builds can only be captured as an entire unit and never cards individually.

  • Capture a Build with a number cards whose value equals the capture card of the build. If during your turn there is a build which you have made and/or added to, which no other player has added to since your last turn, you may not simply trail (see below) a card. You must either: capture a card, create a new build, or add to an existing build. Whatever you choose to play, you may not capture or add to builds if it will leave you without the card which is equal to the build. If you decide to capture a build you also have the opportunity to capture single number cards on the table which equal or add up to the value of the build.
  • Add to a Build in one of two ways:
    • Use a card from your hand to add to a single build. This increases the value of the capture for that build, provided, of course, you also hold the card in your hand which is equal to the new capturing value. You can also add cards from the table to this build if they are legal. Cards from the table, however, cannot change the value of the build. Capturing numbers of multiple builds cannot be changed. See the example below.
    • If a player holds a card which could capture a build, single or multiple, they may add cards from their hand or a combination of a card from their hand and cards on the table, as long as they are not already in the build.

Example: There is a building on the table with a two and a three, announced as “building 5.” If you have a three and an eight in your hand you may add the three to that building and announce, “building 8.” Another player may have an Ace and a nine, they can then add the ace to the building and announce, “building 9.”

When adding to a build you must use one card from your hand.

  • Trailing a card is an option if you do not wish to build or capture. The single card is put face-up beside the layout to be played upon later in the game. Play moves on. You may trail a card even if that card could have made a capture.


casino card game scoring

Scores are tallied from the pile of cards each player or team has won.

  • Most cards = 3 points
  • Most spades = 1 point
  • Ace = 1 point
  • 10 of Diamonds (also called The Good Ten or Big Casino)= 2 points
  • 2 of Spades (also called The Good Two or Little Casino) = 1 point

In the event of a tie for either most cards or spades, neither player score points. The first player to reach 21+ points is the winner. If there is a tie you must play another round.


Royal Casino

Regular Casino rules apply but face cards have extra numerical values: Jacks = 11, Queens = 12, and Kings = 13. An ace = 1 or 14.

It is tempting in Royal Casino to hold the aces for longer so that you may make a 14 build.

Royal Casino is also played with the variant sweeps. This happens when one player takes all the cards from the table with the same value and the next player must trail. If a sweep is made, the capture card is put face-up on the pile of cards they have won of the same numerical value. Each sweep is worth 1 point.

Scoring in Royal Casino follows this order:

  1. Player with the most cards
  2. Player with the most spades
  3. Big Casino
  4. Little Casino
  5. Aces in this order: Spades, Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds
  6. Sweeps



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