OBJECT OF CASINO WAR: The object of Casino War is to make and win bets against the house.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 1 player and the house/dealer

MATERIALS: A standard 52 card deck, and a flat surface.

TYPE OF GAME: War Card Game



Casino War is a war card game for 1 player. It is played at casinos and it’s one player playing against the house. The object is to make a bet and win by having your card be of higher rank than the houses.

There is no end or winner in this game, as with most casino games. Players may place as many bets as they wish but you should always play responsibly. This game is often played in online casinos as well but can be found in some casinos as a physical card bet.


The house will shuffle the deck and take bets. Players can usually bet that their card will be higher. Payouts are typically 1 to 1 for these bets. Players can also in some casinos bet that the cards dealt will result in a tie. These bets payout 10 to 1 typically.

Card Ranking

The ranking for the game is traditional. Ace (high), King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2 (low).


After all bets are locked in, the dealer will deal the player and the house a single card. These are dealt face up and the player with the higher-ranked card is the winner. The appropriate bets are paid out to the winner and a new round can start.

Above is what happens most typically. Below are a few other possible outcomes.

If a player bets on a tie and the results were not a tie, they lose. If the cards did tie, then they would win the bet.

If no bet was placed on a tie and the cards tie, then the player has a couple of options to choose from. They may either surrender or go to war. To surrender means you will get back half of your original bet and lose the other half to the house. If you choose to go to war, then the player must make an additional bet matching the last one they made. The dealer will then deal three facedown cards before dealing the house and the player another faceup card. If the house’s card is higher then the player loses all bets, but if the player wins then they earn both bets back plus an equal amount to the first bet.


Again, there is not an end to the game. the game ends when a player takes their earnings and leaves the table.

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