OBJECTIVE OF CHEZ GEEK: The objective of Chez Geek is to be the first player to reach their Slack Goal.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Two to Five Players

MATERIALS: Two Hundred and Two Life Cards, Seventeen Job Cards, Four Blank Life Cards, One Blank Job Card, Tokens, Die, and a Rulebook

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game

AUDIENCE: Twelve Years of Age and Older


Chez Geek is a fun, social game that allows players to let their friends come over and stay for as long as they can tolerate them. Players attempt to meet their personal Slack Goal found on their Job Card. The first player to do that, wins! Take advantage of others if you need to, even kick them out!


Firstly, separate the cards into two different piles, the Life Pile and the Job Pile. Players must sit so that they have enough room in front of them to create their “room”. This is where players will play their cards and invite people over.

Job Cards tell the player their income, their free time, their goal, and their perks and disadvantages of their career. The Life Cards will create the regular deck.

The dealer will then shuffle the Job Cards and deal one to each player, facing up so that all players can see it. Then, they shuffle the life cards and deal five of those to each player facing down. The game is ready to begin.


The player on the dealer’s left will be the first to take their turn. Gameplay continues clockwise around the group. During their turn, players do five things. First, the player will draw enough cards from the Life Pile to have six cards in their hand. If the player has a job that requires seven cards, then they will draw until they have seven cards in their hand. They should never have more than the required number of cards in their hand.

Next, the player will roll the die at the start of their turn. This may determine income, free time, or remove a person from the group. After their roll, players may then call people. Players state their intention, play the card, and if the player gives no Slack, they play them. If the player does give slack, then the die is rolled to determine. If a roll of 1-2 is made, then the player card is discarded, but if a toll of 3-6 is made, then the player card stays.

During the roll phase, players may attempt to get rid of people in their room. Everyone except cats may be removed if a 4 to 6 is rolled. If a 1 to 3 is rolled, then the player must keep the people and deal with the consequences.

In the Free Time phase players may spend their free time or acquire more free time. This free time may be spent on shopping or activities. Finally, after the other phases have been completed, players must discard some cards in their hand until they only have five remaining. This is the call to end their turn.


The game comes to an end when the player reaches the Slack Goal found on their Job Card! This player is immediately declared the winner.

Nakoa Davis