OBJECTIVE OF CHIMERA STATION: The objective of Chimera Station is to be the player with the most points when the game comes to an end. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 4 Players 

MATERIALS: 1 Gameboard, 6 Starting Resource Cards, 4 Research Markers, 24 Worker Tops, 4 Double Sided Player Mats, 4 Score Markers, 1 Starter Player Marker, Food Tokens, Coin Tokens, 22 Perk Cards, 40 Station Module Tiles, 28 Genetic Components, 4 Round Markers, 2 Countdown Tokens, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Tile Placement Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 13 and Up 


Players place workers across the board, but they also customize them as they go! Each worker can be modified with claws, tentacles, better brains, and more! Workers are used to collect various resources, scoring more points for their players. Players build their space stations, with limitless possibilities!  


To begin setup, place the board in the middle of the playing area! The countdown tokens are placed over the B area of the command hub. The round markers are also placed on the board. The rest of the tiles are placed beside the board, creating supplies of each tile type. Shuffle the perk cards and place them face up beside the board.  

One player is randomly chosen to be the first player, and they will collect the starting player markers. one score marker is given to each player, place these markers on the ten space of the score track. Each player will get a player mat, using side A for their first game. The players will collect 6 workers that match the color of their choice, a research marker, and one starting resource cards. The first player will take six resource cards, choosing one from the group, and passing the remainder on to the player on their left. That player will then choose a card, and this will continue around the group until everyone has a starting resource card.  

The player will collect the resources that are found on their starting resource cards and move their research marker to the first tier of the research track. The game is ready to begin.  


The game is played over the course of five rounds, with each round consisting of a placement phase, a splicing phase, and a feeding phase. The placement phase begins with the first player and continues clockwise around the group. Each player will place a worker from their pool in a module, into the splicing lab, or into the worker lounge. Apply its effect and gains its benefits.  

During the splicing phase, the players that have workers inside the splicing lab will perform the activities associated with that phase. The players must place any workers that are the result of things happening in the splicing lab before they are able to resolve the next slot.  

Finally, during the feeding phase, the workers are taken from the board and placed into their pool. The players will then pay one food for each worker in their pool. If the players do not have enough food, then the players will lose one part of their worker for each food that they are short. The players will lose two points for each food that they are short if the players have no extensions attached to their workers.  

At the start of the rounds, the players will remove the round marker that corresponds on the tracker. The players should pay close attention to the rounds, as some aspects of the game change within certain rounds. The game will continue in this manner for five rounds, and then the game comes to an end. 


The game comes to an end when the final round closes. The players will tally the points from all of their resources. The player with the greatest number of points, wins the game!  

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