OBJECTIVE OF CORNER STONES:  Build four foundations up from Ace to King and four down from King to Ace according to suit


NUMBER OF CARDS: 104 playing cards

RANK OF CARDS: (low) Ace – King (high)

TYPE OF GAME: Solitaire



Corner Stones is a double deck Solitaire game that keeps the player moving.  Gameplay can be broken into two stages: the deal, and the play.  During the deal, players will have to keep an eye out for foundation cards as well as cards that can be moved to the foundation.  Once all of the cards are dealt, the player must change focus and begin managing the tableau wisely.  The game is won if all eight foundations are built correctly.


Corner Stones uses two 52 card decks.  Shuffle all of the decks together and deal two columns face up.  Each column should have six cards.  These two columns form the tableau.  Leave space between them for two more columns that will be made of the foundation piles.  Turn the top and bottom cards on each column sideways.  These are the corner stones for the tableau.

The foundation column on the left will begin with one Ace from each suit.  The foundation column on the right will begin with one King from each suit.  These can begin as soon as the cards are uncovered.  Place the same suited Ace and King beside each other.  At any time during play, uncovered Aces and Kings may be moved to begin foundation piles, but the Ace and King beside each other in the foundation section must be the same suit.  Build the Ace foundations up to Kings and the King foundations down to Ace according to suit.



Begin the game by dealing cards one at a time around the tableau in clockwise direction.  Start with the top left corner stone and turn up one card at a time.  Each card will be placed on the next tableau pile.  If a tableau pile has been depleted, do not skip it.  Place a card there and start a new pile.  

As cards are turned over and placed on the tableau, they can be played to the foundation if eligible.  Any cards turned up for a corner stone can be played to any eligible foundation pile.  A card turned up for a normal tableau pile can only be played to the foundation in the same row as that tableau pile.  


Once the entire deck has been dealt, the top card of each tableau pile (including the corner stones) are eligible to be played on other tableau piles.  Tableau piles can be built up or down continuously without regard to suit.  If the pile reaches a King it can continue to Ace and so on.  

Continue play until the foundations have been completed or the game has become blocked.


Successfully build all eight foundations in order to win.  There is no redeal. Should the game become blocked, it is lost.

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