OBJECTIVE OF CRESCENT:  Move all of the cards into the foundation by suit

CARDS: 104 cards

CARD RANK: (low) Ace – King (high)

GAME TYPE: Solitaire



 Crescent uses two 52 card decks.  Remove one Ace and one King of each suit and place them in two rows as shown below.  Deal the rest of the cards out into sixteen piles of six cards each.  Deal the first five cards face down for each stack and the sixth card face up in a crescent shape also shown below.  The cards in the crescent make up the tableau, and the Aces & Kings are the foundations.


The objective is to build the Ace foundations up to Kings and the King foundations down to Aces.  These foundation piles are built by suit.

The top cards of the tableau piles are eligible for play.  They may be moved onto the foundations or other tableau piles.  Tableau piles may be built up and down in sequential order according to suit.  You may build the pile up and down as you need.  Once the pile has reached the Ace, it may continue in either direction to a 2 or a King.  If a face down card is exposed, flip it face up.  Once a tableau pile has been cleared, do not fill the space with more cards.

If the game becomes blocked, and no more plays are available, the player may make a shift.  Bring the bottom card of every tableau pile to the top face up and continue play.  This may only be done three times, and it must be done to every pile.


When all eight foundations have been built to completion, the player wins.  If the player has shifted three times without successfully getting all the cards into the foundations, and the game becomes blocked, it is lost.

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