OBJECT OF DANGER NOODLE: The object of Danger Noodle is to be the first player to collect Animal Cards that have a total point value of exactly 30.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2-8 players

MATERIALS: 100 playing cards and instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game



Avoid the snakes at all cost? Isn’t that what most people do throughout their life? In this game it can make or break you! Avoiding the DANGER NOODLE! is key. When the DANGER NOODLE! Card is drawn, all of the cards in your hand must be discarded, putting you farther away from the winning 30 points!

When your hand reaches 30 points exactly, no more, no less, then you can be declared winner! Do you know a thing or two about avoiding snakes? Test it and see!


To begin setup, unwrap the deck of cards and shuffle them. The shuffled deck will be placed face down in the middle of the group. Any discarded cards will be placed in a pile beside the draw pile. The game is ready to begin! 


The game is played open handed, with all players’ cards being placed face up in front of them. The oldest player begins the game by drawing cards from the deck in front of them. Players have the ability to draw as many or few cards as they like from the deck one at a time. Players must stop drawing cards when they draw a DANGER NOODLE! Card or a Negative Value Card.

When a DANGER NOODLE! Card is drawn, the player must then discard all the cards in their hand. If a player draws a Special Card, they must immediately read it aloud to the group and complete whatever action is on it. Players may continue to draw cards from the deck after drawing a Special Card. 

Once a player is finished drawing cards from the deck, their turn is over. Play continues clockwise around the group, with the next player drawing from the deck. The game continues until a player has exactly 30 points in their hand. Once this happens, they are considered the winner!


Positive Value Cards

These cards add points to your hand.

Negative Value Cards

These cards take points away from your hand.


If this card is drawn, the player must discard all of their hand. Their turn is over.

Special Cards

These cards may affect players in both good and bad ways. When a Special Card is drawn, the player must read the card out loud and immediately perform the action.

Super Special Card: Anti-venom

If a player draws a Super Special Card: Anti-venom, then the player is immune to the effects of the next 3 DANGER NOODLE! Cards that they draw.


The game ends when a player’s hand has the sum of exactly 30 points. This player is the winner.

Nakoa Davis