OBJECT OF DANGER THE GAME: The objective of Danger the Game is to be the first player to collect all three danger cards.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 or More Players

MATERIALS: 270 Danger, Skill, Tool, and Plot Twist Cards and Instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Storytelling Card Game



Are you willing to depend on your friends and family to save you from the danger at hand? They have three tools and skills to choose from. Which one will be the best?

This game is full of ridiculous answers, fun arguments, and plenty of laughs! Have fun being the victim!


Shuffle each deck, dealing three tool cards and three skill cards to each of the players. Players should keep their cards hidden from other players. Whichever player is voted to live life most dangerously begins the game!


When it is your turn, draw a card from the danger deck, reading it aloud to the other players. You may add additional details to the danger if it will make it more interesting. The rescuers, or other players, must choose a skill card and a tool card from their hand. These cards are going to be used to rescue you from the danger at hand.

After each payer has chosen their cards, the player on your left will begin explaining how their cards are going to accomplish your rescue. After they have finished, other players may ask questions, nitpick, or just bully the rescuer!

Afterwards, the next player on the left will follow suit, explaining how their cards will be the best choice to rescue you. After all players have given their arguments, you choose who will be the one to rescue you. That player wins the danger card!

All cards used are discarded, and players may draw another tool and skill card. The player on your left will become the newest victim! Gameplay continues in this manner until a player has collected three danger cards.


The game ends when a player collects all three danger cards. This player is declared the winner!

Nakoa Davis