OBJECT OF DIRTY MINDS: The objective of Dirty Minds is to be the first player with enough Score Cards to spell the word DIRTY.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 or more players

MATERIALS: 56 Clue Cards and 56 Scoring Cards

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game



Dirty Minds is a game filled with inappropriate clues for the most innocent answers. If your head is stuck in the gutter, you will quickly end up on the losing side of the scoreboard! The language is clean, and the answers are clean, so your mind will be the dirtiest things about this game!

Enjoy tons of laughs and embarrassment as incorrect, and often inappropriate answers are yelled by players trying to earn Scoring Cards. The first player to earn enough Scoring Cards to spell the word DIRTY wins! Remember, answers are never as bad as they seem!


To setup, shuffle the Clue Cards, placing them face down in the middle of the group. This will be the deck which is drawn from. Shuffle the score cards, and then place them beside the deck. This will be how players accumulate points. The game is ready to begin.


The first player will draw a Clue Card and read a clue to the group. The next player will then have the opportunity to guess the correct answer. If that player guesses the correct answer, then they receive three Scoring Cards, which may include letters, action cards, or wild cards.

If the player does not guess the correct answer, they lose one of their cards and the other players are able to steal their points! If none of the players guess the correct answer, another clue from the card is read. If none of the players guess correctly after the second clue, then they may only earn one Scoring Card for that card.

This gameplay continues around the group until a player has collected enough Scoring Cards to spell the word DIRTY with letters. The player who is able to spell DIRTY first wins the game!


The game ends when a player has enough Scoring Cards to spell the word DIRTY. This player is the winner.

Nakoa Davis