OBJECTIVE OF DOGE: The objective of Doge is to be the player with the most influence by being the first to place palaces in each district.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 4 Players 

MATERIALS: 1 Game Board, 14 Voting Order Cards, 28 Player Cards, 24 Control Rings, 28 Ballot Markers, 9 Advisors, 32 Palaces, 60 Houses, 1 Rule Summary, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Area Control Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 12 and Up 


In Venice, the players will attempt to build their power by gaining the most influence. When a player gains the most influence, they are able to build houses and control the adviser that is found in that city. The voting is influenced when a player gains more influence over more cities. Players may trade materials, discuss, but will they be able to influence the other players, becoming the new Doge? 


To begin setup, place the board in the center of the playing area. Place each of the advisors onto their assigned spaces on the righthand side of the board. Each player will choose a color to represent them throughout the game, collecting all of the pieces that match color. They should have control rings, ballot markers, palaces, and houses in their matching color.  

The players should place their ballot markers into their supply, facing down, ensuring that they are hidden from the other players. The player may look at their own ballot markers whenever they wish. All of the playing cards should be separated by color. Everyone will then collect their playing cards, placing them in their supply area as well.  

Divide the voting order cards into a brown stack and a gray stack, shuffling each individually. The brown cards are placed face up onto the brown spaces that are found at the bottom of the game board. The gray cards are placed face down onto the gray spaces that are found at the bottom of the game board. The game is then ready to begin. 


The game is played over the course of numerous years. During each year, districts will elect advisors and Quarantia elects three advisors. Each year consists of two phases. During the beginning phase, everyone will place their ballot on the area that they choose, ensuring that it is facing down. There will be four rounds of placement in a three-player game, and three rounds of placement in a four-player game. 

Elections will take place during the next phase. When voting is complete, the two platers that have the highest number of votes will be permitted to build houses there if they choose. Once a player reaches the requirement, they have the opportunity to convert the houses in their area to a palace. The order of voting is determined by the face up voting cards. When an area is complete, the face down cards are revealed. 

All ballot markers are revealed at the same time. The players will tally their ballot markers. The player who has the highest sum, wins the vote for that area, and the second is the runner-up. They are then able to move advisers and build houses in the area. Once voting is complete, the next first phase will begin again. 


The game comes to an end when a player has completed one of the following actions: eight palaces placed in four districts, seven palaces in five districts, or one palace in each district. The first player to complete one of these actions, wins the game! 

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