OBJECTIVE OF DRAGON FARKLE: The objective of Dragon Farkle is to be the first player to defeat the dragon.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 5 Players 

MATERIALS: Stockpile of Soldier Tokens, 5 Damage Counters, 1 Dragon, 5 Player Mats, 20 Magic Item Cards, 10 Companion Cards, 1 Event Die, 30 Soldier Die, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAMEPush Your Luck Dice Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 13 and Up 


The dragon has started to terrorize your village, and all sense of peace is quickly gone. The livestock is getting eaten, and the locals are getting terrorized constantly. The players represent heroes that have stepped up to the challenge of defeating this awful beast. Who will be the first to face the beast you have heard so much about? 


 Each player is given a player mat and six dice in their favorite color. The Magic Item Cards and Companion Cards are shuffled separately and placed in the middle of the table facing down, forming two decks. The dragon is placed beside the cards and three damage counters are placed out from it. Soldier tokens are placed in a stockpile. 

Each player is given a Companion card, placing it on their mat. They are then given a Magic Item card that is either placed in front of them face down or held in their hand. This game is played with each player taking their turn, continuing clockwise around the group. The player who brought most of the snacks gets to go first. The game is ready to begin. 


During each turn, a player can choose to complete one of the following actions: recruit new soldiers, brawl with another player, or enter the Dragon’s keep and battle. Any chosen action requires that the six-soldier dice and event dice be rolled.  

The event die is a die that has four blank sides, one rally side, and one dragon side. If a blank side is rolled, nothing happens. If a dragon side is rolled, the dragon is able to eat any soldiers that could have been gained, and none are gained instead. If the rally side is rolled, then the player can choose to double the value of the dice or draw a Magic Item.  


This is how soldiers are added to players’ armies. Roll all dice to begin. When each roll is complete, at least one of the scoring dice must be kept. Soldier tokens are used to keep track of the number of soldiers. Players can end their turns and add the soldiers to their army. If players are unable to sit aside dice at any point, due to the soldier table on their mat, they Farkle. This causes them to lose any potential gains from the roll.  


Players are able to steal soldiers from other armies when they choose to brawl. They first choose a player to fight against and roll their dice. They must set one scoring dice aside each time at least. The soldier tokens that are sat aside are used to score the brawl, and the defending player has a change to roll and beat the score, using only five soldier dice and the event die.  

The player who has the highest brawl score, wins. They take soldiers from the loser that is equal to the difference there was in their scores. They also earn five hundred more soldiers from the stockpile.  

Final Battle 

When a player has at least five thousand soldiers, they are able to choose to fight the Dragon. If the player is able to do three damage to the Dragon, then they win the game. When fighting the Dragon, the dice work differently.  

If the Dragon side of the event die is rolled, then the Dragon sustains one damage, and all scoring dice are set aside according to the soldier table. That number of soldiers is lost from the army. If the rally side is rolled, the Dragon sustains two damage, and the number of soldiers lost is equal to the scoring dice. Finally, if the blank side is rolled, soldiers are lost according to the scoring dice, but the Dragon does not have any damage.  

The Dragon will regenerate all damage done to it if a player is unable to defeat it. It will always begin a battle with full health.  


The game comes to an end when the dragon is defeated. The first player to defeat the dragon, wins the game! 

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