OBJECTIVE OF DRAGON RAMPAGE: The objective of Dragon Rampage is to collect more points than any other player by fighting against or running from the Dragon that is awoken.  

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 to 5 Players 

MATERIALS: 1 Game Board, 6 Character Mats, 6 Character Decks, 6 Hero Action Tokens, 50 Coins, 6 Sets of 12 Dragon Wound Cubes, 30 Hero Wound Tokens, 1 Re-roll Token, 1 Starter Player Token, 6 Player Movement Tokens, 1 Movement Die, 7 Action Dice, 1 Movement Die, 1 Dragon Rampage Deck, and Instructions 

TYPE OF GAME: Area Control Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 13 and Up 


In Dragon Rampage, each player takes on the role of an adventurer, each with their own special abilities. They can choose to run from the dragon or fight against it to win points. Players may also win points by securing treasures as they travel through the dungeon. The player who is able to accumulate the most points wins the game.  


To begin setup, shuffle the Dragon Rampage Deck and place it next to the gameboard. Players will then place their movement token on the start space. The action dice are placed in the middle of the board, with the movement die being placed beside the board. Hero wound tokens are placed in a heap beside the board. 

Each player will collect a set of hero character cards, action tokens, and a mat. The player will then choose a hero, shuffle the rest of the cars and choose two more, allowing them to have three cards in their hand. Each player is then given a 5-gold coin, with the rest of the gold being placed in a supply pile beside the board. A random player is given the starter tokens and the game is ready to begin.  


The game consists of rounds that are played in three phases.  

Phase 1 

Beginning with the first player, they will collect the action dice and roll them. Any dice can be re rolled up to two times. When they have finished rolling, action tokens are placed in the correct box. Players can only put one token on each box. If they do not have the correct token, they must place one of lower value.  

Phase 2 

After all the rolls and action placings have been completed, the dungeon phase begins. Flip a Dragon Rampage card. If the card has no value, then the effects are immediately applied. If it has two parts, then the value of action tokens in the rampage box is used to decide which section is used.  

The player with the highest action token on the action box will get two wounds and draw a hero card. The second highest player will get one wound. The player who has the highest defense will get no wounds. The player with the most valuable action token on craftiness can steal from another player. The one found on grab treasure can draw two treasure cards.  

The player with the highest action token on the attack dragon box can attack the dragon with two re-rolls. The second highest player can attack with one re-roll. They will roll all of the action dice, with the attack, shield, and hero all being hits on the dragon. It takes four to five hits to create a wound on the dragon. The dragon can withstand wounds equal to five times the number of players.  

Phase 3 

When all actions are completed, the players collect their action tokens. The starter player token is passed to the left along with the re-roll token. A new turn begins 


The game comes to an end when a hero is slain, a hero escapes, or the dragon is slain. After it comes to an end, scoring is completed. Scoring changes depending on the end of the game.  

When a Hero is wounded, a wound token is placed on the player’s mat. If there are ever more wounds than there are health icons for the hero, then the hero is slain and the game ends. When a player’s hero token is moved to the exit space, then the hero escapes, and the game also comes to an end. Finally, if the dragon sustains wounds that are five times the number of players, then it is slain and the game comes to an end.  

If the game ends by a hero being slain, then scoring is as follows: the slain hero deducts ten points, heroes that have five or more wounds deduct five points, each wound token on the dragon adds one point, the most wound tokens on the dragon adds five points, the second adds three points, the most gold wins seven points, the second wins four points, and the treasure cards are tallied. If a hero escapes the dungeon, then the scoring is as follows: the hero that escaped earns ten points, the second closest earns three points, wounds to the dragon add one point, the player with the most gold earns seven points, the second earns four points, and treasure cards are added. When the dragon is slain, the scoring is as follows: for each wound token one point is earned, the most wound tokens on the dragon earn ten points, the second earns five points, the player with the most gold earns seven points, the second earns four points, treasure cards are tallied, the closest to the exit loses five points, and the next loses three points. 

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