OBJECT OF DUELING NOBLES: The objective of Dueling Nobles is to be the last player with Nobles left in your Courtyard.


MATERIALS: Standard 52 Card Deck, 2 Standard Dice, 12 Counters of One Color, 24 Counters of Another Color

TYPE OF GAME: Collectible Card Game



Dueling Nobles is a strategic card game for those ready to battle it out to the end. This two player card game is easy with a standard deck, some dice, and some point chips! Players build their Courtyard, raise and train their Nobles and take down others!

Players must attempt to destroy all of the Nobles found in the opponent’s court. Are you ruthless enough to get the job done?


To begin setup, separate the deck into two stacks. The Noble deck will include the Jacks, Queens, and Kings from the deck. The other will include all other cards, creating the Support card deck. Players will then sit across from one another.

The players will then each roll the dice. The player who has the lowest scoring roll is the first dealer. The counters may be placed in the middle of the playing area, easily accessible to both players. The game is ready to begin!


The dealer will begin the game by dealing six cards to each player from the Nobles deck. Each player will then examine their cards and place the three of their choice in front of them facing up. This creates the Courtyard. The remaining Nobles that are unused will be shuffled together and placed to the side.

Each player will then be dealt six cards from the Support deck. Counters will represent Stamina and Gold. Players will take turns, beginning with the player who is not the dealer. Each turn consists of four phases that must be played in a specific order.

Players are not required to complete all actions on each phase. They may choose what actions to complete during each phase. If the Support card pile is empty, the support card pile may be shuffled and placed facedown, creating a new one. Once the Noble draw pile is empty, no more Nobles are able to be hired.

When a duel is finished, if a player finds that there are no more Nobles left in their Courtyard, then the game comes to an end and they are declared the loser.

Noble Types


Jacks have a base strength of 11 and a stamina of 2. The Jack Noble allows for two Support cards to be played instead of only one.


Queens have a base strength of 12 and a stamina of 2. The Queen Noble adds three points onto her base strength for every Noble present in the player’s Courtyard.


Kings have a base strength of 13 and a stamina of 3. The King Noble allows the player to roll two dice during a duel when deciding the strength modifier. A King may also elect to be taxed during the Income phase.


Phase 1

Phase 1 consists of the Income phase. Players may earn Resource tokens. One Resource token is earned by each player at the beginning of the Income phase. Players may also obtain more Resources by having three Support cards of the same suit, earning three Resource tokens when discarded, or they may tax the King in their Courtyard, earning one Resource token while removing one stamina.

Phase 2

Phase 2 consists of the Reinforcement phase. During this phase, players may replace previously destroyed Nobles or draw new Support cards. Using five Resource tokens, a player may draw the top card from the Noble stack and add it to their Courtyard. Players may also buy up to three Support cards with Resource tokens.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is the Command phase. During this phase, players prepare their Nobles for the upcoming duel. Players may choose to add a Weapon to their Nobles. In order to do this, a Support card, in a rank of two or three, may be added to a Noble, increasing their strength. Only one Weapon can be added per Noble, and only one Weapon card can be played each turn.

Players may opt to move a Weapon card from one of their Nobles to another during this phase. Numerous Weapons may be moved during a turn.

Finally, players may choose to play Suit Abilities. The effect of the card is not dependent on the number, but the suit. Suit cards are discarded immediately after use.

Hearts may restore one stamina point to a Noble. Diamonds allow the player to draw three Support cards from the stack. Clubs allows the player to take one card from the exposed Support pile. Spades allow the player to see all of the cards in their opponent’s hand.

Phase 4

Phase four is the Dueling phase, allowing player’s Nobles to perform against one another. Players declare a Duel by choosing one Noble from each player’s Courtyard. The opponent will have one chance to change Nobles for two Resource tokens.

Each player will calculate the strength of their Noble. They will then roll one die. That number is added to the strength of the Noble being used. Players who initiate the Duel then have a moment to add Support cards to their Noble, then the other player will have a chance.

If a support card in the same suit as the Noble is played, two bonus points are added to strength. If a player plays an Ace Support card, then the player wins the Duel immediately.

To determine the winner of the duel, the total strength is figured for each Noble. The Noble with the highest total wins! The winner will receive one Resource token. The Noble who loses the Duel also loses one stamina point. When all stamina points are lost, the Noble must be placed in a discard pile, away from the Courtyard.


The game comes to an end when there are no more Nobles remaining in a player’s Courtyard. The opponent is then declared the winner!

Nakoa Davis