OBJECT OF FLUXX: The object of Fluxx is to meet the condition of the current Goal in place. If the condition of the Goal is met, that player is immediately the winner.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 6 players

MATERIALS: 100 cards and instructions

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game



Fluxx is a learn as you go type of game. It starts out with simple rules, draw one card and play one card. New Rules are set into place as the game continues, as shown by the cards that are played. 

The Goal changes throughout the game, but with some luck, you can quickly become the winner! Pay close attention to the goal and the cards in your hand. You may be able to declare yourself the winner on the next turn.


To begin set up, place the Basic Rules card in the middle of the table or group. Shuffle all the cards and deal three cards to each player. Then, place the rest of the deck face down beside the Basic Rules card to create the Draw pile. After this, setup is complete!


There is no rule as to who the first player is to draw a card. This can be chosen among the group. In the beginning of the game, the Basic Rules are followed. Simply draw one card and play one card, taking turns going clockwise around the group. 

As New Rules are played, all players must adapt to those. These rules vary based on the cards. If a New Rule contradicts a rule that has been previously played, the old rule is void. The rule is to follow the Rules! 

When a Goal Card is played, each player must pay close attention. These are how Fluxx is won! A Goal applies to everyone, meaning anyone meeting the criteria of the Goal can win!  The old goal is replaced when a new Goal has been played. 


The game is over when a player meets the condition of the Goal. They are declared the winner!

Nakoa Davis