OBJECT OF FRIEND OR FAUX: The objective of Friend or Faux is to have guessed the most correct answers and have the highest number of points.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 or more players

MATERIALS: 250 Question Cards, Scoring Pads

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game



Are you prepared to answer any question about yourself? With this game boundaries are few and far between! Be prepared to talk about embarrassing moments, your sex life, and almost anything else you can think of. Do you know your friends well? Better yet, do they know you?

This is the game that shows you who knows you best! If you want to keep it more family friendly, only play rounds 1-3. If you are comfortable with the other players, and are ready to get more personal, rounds 3-5 are not off the table!


First, cards are divided by color and round number. The cards are then placed in the middle of the group, and there should be five piles, signifying rounds 1 through 5. Each player will then take a score pad, and write the other players names, going clockwise around the group. 

There are no rules on who begins the game. Once the players choose, it is ready to begin.


 The first player will draw a Question card from the Round 1 pile. They will read this question out loud, giving the other players time to write their answer down on the score pad. Once every player has answered, the reader will say their answer. If the players were correct, they will check the box on their score pad, earning themselves a point.

All players, going clockwise, will in turn draw a card from the Round 1 pile and repeat the above instructions. After Round 1 is complete, the group continues through Round 2-5 following the same instructions. 

After all five rounds have been completed, points are tallied. The person with the most correct answers, and thus the most points is declared the winner!


If a player gives an answer that you think is wrong, or they are trying to save face, call Bullshit by throwing down a Bullshit Card. These cards may be used all throughout the game, at any point. This allows for the reader to discuss their answer with the other players.


After all players have answered questions from all 5 rounds, the game is over! The player with the most points wins! They are more Friend than Faux.

Nakoa Davis