OBJECT OF FUN EMPLOYED: The object of Funemployed is to be the player with the most job cards by the end of the game.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3 or more players

MATERIALS: 89 Job Cards, 359 Qualification cards, and Rules

TYPE OF GAME: Party Card Game



Build your new resume with qualities such as a fake beard, guilt, and steroids. Players attempt to get better qualification cards, but once a round begins you must work with what you have. Each player takes turns defending why their qualifications would make them the best fit for the job at hand in hopes that they can score a Job Card.

The player with the most Job Card wins the game, so you must be persuasive and think on your feet! You need the Job!

Expansion packs are available to add more cards, better answers, and accommodate more players. 


Before beginning, ensure all Job Cards and Qualification Cards are shuffled well. Place the Job cards on the table tot the right of the play area and place a deck of Qualification Cards to the left of the play area.

The players must choose who will be the first Employer. The Employer will then deal each applicant 4 Qualification Cards. The Employer will keep a number of Qualification Cards equal to the number of players in the group. The Employer then places 10 Qualification Cards, face up, in the middle of the play area. The Employer reveals the top Job Card, showing the Applicants what they are applying for.


To begin, the Employer flips a Job Card. Applicants, and the Employer, get a few moments to switch their cards with other cards in the playing area. The catch is that everyone does it at one time, and once time is up, you are stuck with what you have. 

After every player has their cards, the player to the left of the Employer begins. They interview by presenting the Employer with their qualification cards one at a time and explaining why that makes them the best fit for the position. When the Applicant is finished with their pitch, the Employer presents them with a card from their hand, and the Applicant must explain or justify the card.

After all Applicants have given their pitch, the Employer chooses which one is the most qualified and gives them the Job Card. After the job has been secured, all Qualification Cards used in that round are discarded, except the 10 in the middle, and new ones are given. The player to the left of the Employer becomes the new Employer for the next round.

The game comes to an end after a certain number of rounds. This number is determined by the number of players within the group. When the game is over, the player with the most Job Cards wins the game!



Each player is dealt 4 Qualification Cards, but they are unable to look at them. While being interviewed, each player must flip over one Qualification Card at a time and think on their feet. The goal is to defend why your newfound qualifications are a good fit for this position.


Each player is to build a resume like normal, except it isn’t for them! After each player has built their resume and has a handful of qualifications, they must pass it to the player on their right. How will they fare with a handful of qualifications that you chose?


The number of rounds played depends on the number of players. If there are 3-6 players, the game ends after two rounds, and the player with the most job cards win. If there are more than 6 players, the game ends after one round, and the player with the most job cards win.

Nakoa Davis