OBJECTIVE OF GAME OF THRONES: THE TRIVIA GAMEControl more locations than other players by answering questions about Game of Thrones

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 3-4 players/teams

MATERIALS: 200 Trivia cards, 64 Picture cards, 36 control markers, 1 Iron Throne token, 1 Round token, 1 Game Board

TYPE OF GAME: Trivia power struggle



To conquer the Seven Kingdoms, take control of the iconic locations of Westeros (cities or major places) by answering questions about the Game of Thrones TV series. These key places can be conquered more quickly by answering more difficult questions. Make – and break – alliances with other teams for the control of the locations on the board, like the conspiracies and other power games in the TV series. 

Based on the first 4 seasons of the TV series, the game offers 1200 questions classified by season (so no risk of spoiler if the players are not all at the same level of knowledge).


 Place the game board in the center of the table and the round token on the relevant space on the round track, according to the number of players/teams.

Each player/team takes the nine control markers of its color and places them on its side of the table.

Choose one team/player at random to start the game (for example, the last player having lied). That player/team takes the Iron Throne token.

Shuffle separately the picture cards and the trivia cards and place each pile next to the game board.


To play its turn, a team chooses a location to try to place a control marker on it. To be allowed to do so, the team/player has to answer one or more questions. The number of questions to answer depends on the size of the control marker the player wants to place on the location. This number is indicated as dots on the control marker. There are three kinds of control markers, with one, two or three dots. The more dots a control marker has, the bigger it is.

The player/team to the left of the current player draws a card from the trivia cards pile, or from the picture cards pile if the round marker is on a white space of the round track. He then reads each of the required number of questions out loud. The relevant questions have the same symbol as the control marker the player/team wants to place on the board.

If the player/team answers correctly to all the questions, he may place the control marker on the location he had chosen. He must place it on the leftmost available space. Note that the locations have a limited amount of spaces for control markers. A player may not attempt to answer questions for a location if he doesn’t have a control marker that fits in the remaining spaces of that location.


When a player/team has more control markers than any other player/team in a location he controls that location. In case of a tie between two or more players/teams, the location is not controlled at all.

Note about spoilers: if some players have not watched the entire series, you can avoid spoilers by looking in the bottom right corner of the cards. Each card has questions related to a specific season, which may thus be avoided by drawing another card.


The game ends immediately if a player has managed to place all its control markers on the board. A player/team achieving this wins instantly the game.

Otherwise, the game ends when the round token reaches the end of the round track. When that happens, the team/player with the most locations under its control wins the game. In case of a tie, the player/team with the most markers on the board wins.



The advanced rules add an interesting flavour to the game to make it look more like a ruthless power struggle, as any Game of Thrones game should be.

Favor Cards and Resource tokens

There are 24 Favour cards and 36 Resource tokens.

During the game setup, shuffle the Favor cards and place the pile on the relevant location indicated on the game board. Then, draw two cards and place them next to the Favor cards pile in the two indicated spaces.

Favor cards represent the precious help that some famous characters of the Game of Thrones series can bring to help you in your conquest of Westeros. To buy a Favor card you need the Resource tokens displayed on the top left corner of the card.

Resource tokens are obtained by answering correctly to questions during your turn. Each time you successfully answer to a question, you gain one resource token of the type indicated on the location you are attempting to place a control marker on. There are three types of resource tokens:

  • military (sword red icon)
  • information (raven grey icon)
  • wealth (coin yellow icon)

At the end of your turn, you may buy one and only one Favor card by paying with the resource tokens you have gained duting the game. When you buy a card, draw another one and place in the space you just emptied.

The effect and timing to play a Favor card are specified in the card’s text box. You can’t have more than two favor cards in hand at any time, but you may buy a third card if you place one of your cards in hand under the bottom of the Favor cards pile.


When a player/team struggles to find the answer to a question, they may negotiate the support of another team/player to let them answer in their place. If the supporting team/player answers correctly to the question, they gain the Resource token of the location the current player had chosen, but the current player/team will be the only one to place a control marker on the location.

Removing other markers

When a player/team places a control marker on a location, they are allowed to remove one control marker already placed on that location, as long as that marker is smaller than the control marker they are placing. That control marker is returned to its owner team/player.

Nakoa Davis