OBJECT OF GERMAN WHIST: The object of German Whist is to win the majority of the last 13 tricks. 


MATERIALS: One standard 52-card deck, and a flat surface.

TYPE OF GAME: Trick-Taking Card Game



German Whist is a trick-taking card game for 2 players. It has similarities to Whist and uses a standard 52-card deck. The goal of the game is to win the majority of the last 13 tricks played. This is done by playing higher ranked cards to tricks to gain the advantage in the first half of the game by drawing good cards for your hand. 


The first dealer is chosen at random and for future rounds the dealer switches between the two players.  

The dealer shuffles the deck and deals a hand of 13 cards to themselves and the other player. The remaining cards are used to form a central facedown stockpile. The top card is revealed but left on top of the deck. This card determines the trump suit for the rest of the round. 

Card Rank 

The cards are ranked Ace (high), King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and 2 (low).


German Whist is played in two parts. The first part is over once the last card of the stockpile is taken; the second half of the game begins. 

The first part of the game is used for players to gather good cards for their hands so that they can easily win the second half. The non-dealer starts the round and may lead any card from their hand. The second player will always need to follow suit if able. If not, they may play any card. The player with the highest trump is the winner of the trick. If there were no trumps, then the trick is won by the highest card of the suit lead. 

The player who wins the trick discards the tricks in a facedown pile to the side of the playing area. Then they will draw the top card of the stockpile. The loser will also draw the next card from the stock without revealing it to the other player. The next card of the stockpile is then revealed, and the winner of the last trick leads the next.

After the last card of the stockpile is drawn, both players should still have 13 cards in hand. These thirteen cards are what you’ll have to play the second round of the game. the goal now is to win as many of the 13 tricks as possible. Tricks played the same ways as described above, and when the last trick is won the round is over. 


Once the last trick is played and won the round is over. The player who has won more of the 13 tricks wins the rounds. 


The game can be played as single rounds, or can have multiple rounds of gameplay to determine a final winner. 

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