OBJECTIVE OF GHOST CASTLE: The objective of Ghost Castle is to be the first player to escape the haunted Ghost Castle. 

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2 to 6 Players 

TYPE OF GAME: Area Movement Board Game 

AUDIENCE: Ages 6 and Up 


Ghost Castle is a classic haunted house race game from the 70s. Players will move their pawns throughout the castle, attempting to be the first to escape unscathed. Players may be cursed, trapped, and tricked throughout their misadventure. Whoever can scape first, wins the game, but others may be trapped for eternity. 

ghost castle game rules


To setup the game, begin by assembling the three-dimensional castle. Players will then choose their characters to represent them throughout the course of the game. Each player will choose two pawns to be in their investigative team. Players are responsible for remembering which pawns are theirs and which pawns are the other players’.  

If there are five or six players, then each player will only get to choose one pawn to be on their team. Every player will place their pawns behind the start line on the upstairs floor. The game is then ready to begin!  

how to play ghost castle


The oldest player will be the first player to make their move, and gameplay rotates to the left around the group. On their turn, the player will begin by rolling the die. If the die shows a number, then that represents the number of spaces that the player will move one of their pawns. One space is considered to be one step on the stair and one of the footprints found on the board. Players are not allowed to move both of their pawns, and they should only pick one to progress through the board with each roll.  

The first pawn that a player has must progress down the stairs and into the laboratory before the second pawn can be moved. If the pawn lands on a previously occupied space, then the pawn will move forward one space to land on an unoccupied space. If the pawn lands on a red space or on a step on the old stairs, then the ball must be dropped through the chimney. As long as the pawn lands on a green, yellow, or blue space, then it is safe from harm and the turn comes to an end.  

If the die shows a ghost instead, then the ball must be dropped, and the pawns do not move. To drop the ball, the player must press the button found on top of the ghost’s head, allowing the ball to fall into the chimney. The ball may come crashing down the stairs into the laboratory, shoot out from the bookcase, activate the portrait shortcut, or slam the axe. All of these actions may cause a pawn to start over or be cursed, depending on the severity of the hit.  


The game continues in this manner until one player gets both of their pawns safely from the house. The first player to get out of the castle with both of their player pawns, wins the game. In order to do this, they must land on the exit space to escape. If there are five or six players, then the first player to land on the exit space is the winner!  

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